Top 35 TV Shows: Part 1

Although television is not a main of focus of this blog, I do watch a lot TV, mostly a mix of fictional, reality and educational TV. This list focuses on my Top 30 favorite fictional/scripted TV series I have ever seen. Television has several advantages and disadvantages compared to movies. TV offers much more time to develop the characters and TV shows can have long story arcs. The disadvantages are the TV shows have a limited budget and they rarely have consistently excellent writing, therefore even the best shows often have weak episodes. Unlike movies, it is much more difficult to start a TV series that everyone loves and thinks you should watch like Breaking Bad or Mad Men, especially since I do not have Netflix or HBO. Therefore there are a lot of popular TV shows that I have yet to watch because I did not start watching them at the series' inception and I almost never start a series any point other than the beginning. In addition, most of the shows that interest me usually end up being cancelled after one or two seasons, which is kind of odd, so a few out of the 30 shows on list are currently airing, albeit some of them are miniseries. In general my favorite type of shows are science fiction, comic book based, classic sitcoms, animated, and based on history, aka, anything geeky. Also, even though some may consider certain animated shows "kid's stuff," they obviously have not seen said show because they are often better than live-action.
To qualify for the list the must have originally aired on television and the list does include miniseries, however due to a miniseries' short length, those shows will, in general, rank lower than longer running series. On a side note, even though web series are not included on this list, The Guild, RWBY, and Video Game High School would definitely make the list. If there are any fans of those series reading this, please let me know. Below are two honorable mentions before I get the list started.

Honorable Mention: Star Trek
Because I have not seen much of the Star Trek series since I was a kid, it is difficult to judge where on the list they would rank, therefore I have included them here as an honorable mention. From what I remember, Next Generation was the best and I have seen the most of Voyager and Enterprise, and I am not a fan of the old Trek series. For more of my thoughts on the Star Trek franchise, Click here to read my overview.
Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.
Sure, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. has only just begun, but the show is already a lot of fun. Even though the series has received a mixed response by both fans and critics alike, I love it so far and Iy am sure that the series will make my full list by the end of the first season. By the way, that picture is my desktop background.
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