Top 10 Movie Battles: Part 1

The battle scene, a staple of the epic and action film genres, is often among the most thrilling scenes in a film. Filming a battle scene is not as easy as one might think. Considerable skill is required to accurately create and capture an effective battle scene. Being able to both show the scale of the battle along with focusing on key areas where the film's protagonist is difficult, however ten filmmakers managed to create battles that I consider the best of the medium. Chorography, camera work, emotional weight, effective lighting, proper use of special effects, and personal preference are among the many factors that I have taken into consideration for the list. To narrow down my list, I have reserved the battles on this list to exclude those of modern military battles, or any battle heavily featuring realistic firearms like battles from war movies such as Saving Private Ryan or Black Hawk Down because those type of battles are vastly different from the other entries on the list. The majority of the list will focus on science fiction, fantasy, comic book, and primitive weaponry (swords, bows ect.) battles. To qualify as a battle scene, there must be a minim of four combatants versus any number of opponents, the list is limited to one battle per franchise, and space battles are not included. Additionally, the battles must be from film, not television, although one television battle will be referenced below under honorable mention. Also please vote on which are some of your favorite battle scenes. 

Gladiator: Battle of Germania
This battle from the opening of Gladiator is often ranked among the best on many lists, and while I enjoyed the battle, I have never found it particularly impressive compared to the later fight scenes in the film. Several parts of the fight had a little too much shaky-cam and dark lighting for my tastes. Regardless, the battle is certainly worthy of an honorable mention.

Code Geass: Final Battle 
The Code Geass animated series contained many epic, strategically masterful, and emotionally changed battles during its run, but non equal the final battle that lasted several episodes. Never before have I seen a battle scene rendered so perfectly in animation. The only reason the battle does not make the list is that it is from a television series, not a film. 

Terminator 2: Opening Battle
Terminator 2: Judgment Day opens with an impressive battle between the human resistance and the Terminator featuring some awesome special effects for the era. As much as I like this battle and T2 in general, it is far too short to make the list because the actual battle only lasts about three or four minutes.

What are some of your favorite movie battle scenes? Please comment below.

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