The Wolverine Unrated Extended Cut

An unrated extended cut of The Wolverine will be released later this year not long after the standard Blu-Ray release. Along with the extended cut, the Blu-Ray will include an alternate ending and more special features, which are not included in the standard package. Although I was the only person in the universe with the opinion, I thought the The Wolverine  is one of the best movies of the year, despite the subpar ending, but maybe this extended cut will add some needed scenes to the film. According to the description, the film will feature more hardcore violence than the theatrical release. While I do not usually care about a film being more or less violent, a more violent cut of Wolverine is something that many fans, myself included, have been wanting to see. Although I am not sure if I will buy the extended cut when it comes out, I will definitely be interested in seeing how it turns out at some point. Are you interested in The Wolverine extended cut? Please comment below and check my other post today about the I, Frankenstein Trailer.
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