The Walking Dead Reviews Are Coming!

At the recommendation of virtually everyone that has seen it, including several readers and my friends, I watched the critically acclaimed TV series The Walking Dead. Providing the readers are interested, I will start reviewing some episodes of the series as I watch them. My review of the first episode will come on Halloween, which is Thursday, and providing people are interested enough, I will continue to review the other episodes of the series, as well as season one as a whole. Thus far I have seen the first four episodes and I plan to finish season one by next week. How many fans of the series are interested in hearing my opinion of the show and is anyone that has not seen the show interested in reading my reviews of the series? Also, if you are a fan, do you have a favorite episode or character? Please comment below and let me know.

Also to clarify, this was the surprise announcement that I was referring to in Wednesday post.

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