In stores now: RAGE OF POSEIDON!

What's this wild thing? No, it isn't one of our brilliant Halloween costumes (we're saving those for later). This is Anders Nilsen's new Rage of Poseidon and hey guys- it's in stores now. It'll probably look a little more tame on the shelves of your local book shop, though, so here's a cover photo before I continue:

Pretty good-looking on the outside too, huh? Rage of Poseidon places the gods of classic myths in contemporary society, exploring their relationship with humans who just don't seem to need them anymore. The result is a dark, funny, masterful meditation on faith and religion in the modern era. From Publishers Weekly: "The book showcases Nilsen’s ability to play with the characters’ frustrations and hopes; it serves as a reminder of how durable the underlying myths and stories are, as well as how timeless human dreams and disappointments can be. The silhouette-heavy art is spellbinding [...], telling the strangest stories with the straightest possible face."

And the accordion format makes this collection a beautiful art object, too. Gift-worthy, I dare say. Yeah, let's keep looking:

I don't know quite how to express how thrilled we are to have this book out in the world; it's just such a pleasure to be able to present Anders' dark, cerebral wit in this beautiful edition. So please, go get it and figure it out for yourselves!

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