In stores now: Louis Riel, Tenth Anniversary Edition!

Louis Riel has conquered our office!

While these songs are definitely showing their ten years, it's a little harder to believe Louis Riel is the same age. I mean that partly because he is becoming more handsome as time passes, as evidenced above, and partly because Louis is still a masterpiece of comics, an invaluable-and-not-boring history lesson, and a book I recommend often, both to people who have never read a graphic novel before and to people who love the genre, though the latter are almost always already (phew!) familiar with this fine Chester Brown work.

In short, I agree whole-heartedly with The Globe and Mail: “While rereading this graphic novel, I thought, ‘Why is this book not given to every schoolchild in Canada?’… [H]as Canadian history ever been portrayed with more lyrical space, beauty, complexity and drama…?”

In even-shorter: Louis Riel: Tenth Anniversary Edition , is in stores now! This deluxe edition features all the cover art from the original serialization, pencil studies and draft scripts, catalogue art, a new essay by critic Sean Rogers, and more. Like the attractive new cover, mhm?

And while we're on this fine subject, we're proud to announce that Chester Brown will be in Winnipeg later this month, on October 22, to celebrate Louis Riel's 169th birthday! One hundred and sixty-nine! This ain't your grandma's birthday party, people. The details are here at McNally Robinson.

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