How Star Trek Into Darkness Should Have Ended.

How It Should Have Ended has finally made a video for Star Trek Into Darkness, and it is one of their best ones yet! Obviously, if you have not seen Star Trek Into Darkness, there are major spoilers ahead. Now watch the video! Even though I still enjoy Star Trek Into Darkness a lot, the movie was full of plot holes, which are virtually the ignored in the film. My original Review for Star Trek Into Darkness rated the film a little too highly, but it was still great fun and one of the better movies I have seen this year.
Sorry everyone for my recent lack of full posts this week, college has been absolutely insane of late and it will continue to be crazy for a while. Next week I will have my review for recent the Agents of SHIELD episode, the Hobbit trailer review, a Rear Window review, and the beginning of my Top 30 (or 35) TV Scripted TV Shows List. My full scheduling will be revealed on Sunday. After that, it will be time for another Reader's Choice post. Also check back tomorrow for some Star Wars news.
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