Hey, Iowa! Peter Bagge is at Prairie Lights tonight for WOMAN REBEL!

In the "Why Sanger?" section that ends master cartoonist Peter Bagge's new book Woman Rebel, he explains that he chose to tell Margaret Sanger's story because she lived the lives of ten people, and that "all I could think of was 'comic book!' whenever I read of her exploits." Woman Rebel is the story of a bad-ass protofeminist done up in Bagge's signature rubbery style. Guys, this book is obviously exciting.

Says The Gazette: "This event-packed and frequently heartbreaking book gallops through the years — many final, right-hand-page panels conclude with a surprise reveal or a plot twist, soap opera-like. But, then, this is a comic book, hard-bound though it is. And Bagge’s intentional quick pacing gives us a feel for Sanger’s own breathtaking life and accomplishments."

So, Iowa! I'm telling you this because it's the weekend and Peter Bagge is going to be presenting Woman Rebel at Prairie Lights tonight, Friday October 18th, at 7pm! Here's a preview of the 'tude you can expect:

(But don't worry, Peter Bagge is very friendly.) Prairie Lights's Facebook page is here.

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