Geek Vs Nerd: A Short Discussion

The words geek and nerd are often used interchangeably and this hilarious (and clean) rap battle of Nerd vs. Geek got me thinking about the whole geek vs. nerd debate and which one I would be considered. To me, both words mean virtually the same thing. While there are literal meanings of geek and nerd in a dictionary, those meaning are not exactly what I consider them. I usually associate geek with having a strong passion for something like Star Wars or a movies, and nerd is something I associate with smarter people who work with computers or are more knowledgeable about things. According to the video's definition of nerd and geek, I am a more geek because I am a fan of multiple franchises and movies, however I am also a nerd because I am majoring in IT (computers) and I have generally high grades in college. On the other hand, the video made geeks look more like hipsters. My definition of nerd and geek are very similar, almost synonyms, except geek is what I identify with more. Do you consider a geek or nerd? If so, which are you? Please comment below.
 Below is a video discussing the topic by the creators of the rap battle.

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