Doctor Who vs. Zombies?

A couple of months ago Peter Capaldi was announced as 12th Doctor in the Doctor Who franchise. After watching World War Z yesterday, I notice a strange coincidence. Peter Capaldi played a role in the film as a doctor for a W.H.O. facility, which is an abbreviation of World Health Organization. Basically, he was Doctor Who in a way, which I think is a cool coincidence since the movie was filmed well before he was announced as the next Doctor. On other news, there is not a set posting schedule this week because after my review of the latest Agents of SHIELD episode tomorrow, the Reader's Choice post will be up and you will decide what is to come, however I do plan to post my review for World War Z next week. What do you think: ironic coincidence or conspiracy? Please comment below.
P.S. the conspiracy part is just a joke. 
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