Captain America: Winter Soldier Trailer Review

Here is my review of the  Captain America: Winter Soldier trailer. Find thing I have to say is just wow, the movie is entirely different than I was expecting. Among the Marvel Phase 2 (post-Avengers) films The Winter Soldier was the one that I was dreading most because Captain America is the most difficult character to bright to screen in a post-WWII setting and since he is my favorite comic book character, I have the most concern that his movie will be screwed up. However, the movie might just be the best of Marvel's Phase 2 if the movie is as good as the trailer. First off, Cap's new uniform is awesome, a big improvement over his previous costume, especially since he is essentially a SHIELD Agent. The part about him always working with SHIELD is actually incredibly similar to the comics and the fact that he would rather work than try to adjust to the modern world is a key part of that. What I like most about the trailer is the social commentary about Cap's old fashioned American values of Freedom versus the new world controlling organization of SHIELD, which is a big factor of a majorly important event in the Marvel Universe. Another thing that I am happy to see is a lot of Black Widow/Natasha/Scar-Jo because I love the character and the actress and seeing more of her is never a bad thing. Hopefully she will be as great a character as she was in the Avengers. Robert Redford, as a senior leader within SHIELD as well as a member World Security Council, adds great legitimacy and gravitas to the cast since he is such a great and respected actor. Anthony Mackie, as Sam Wilson / Falcon, is the dude with wigs in the trailer and I am very happy about the casting choice since Mackie is one of the better actors around. In the comics Falcon was Cap's sidekick of sorts with the two even having their own comic series together for a time. Even though I did not notice this initially, since I know about the comics and know who the Winter Soldier is, the identity of the Winter Soldier is not clearly defined in the trailer. At no point does the trailer say who the Winter Soldier is, and make it clear for anyone who does not know. To clarify, he is the guy with the metal arm. Although I have already spoiled his identity in a post a couple of years ago, I will not spoiler it any further. If you do not already know, who do you think the Winter Soldier is? As a whole, the trailer makes the movie look like it will be awesome. The Winter Soldier also appears to be tonally and visually similar to the Avengers, which is great.

James: Steve's new uniform looks great and I like that humor is still present in the film.

James: While I do not normally care about an actor's hairstyle and such, I have to say that I do not like Scar-Jo's new hair in the movie compared to the Avengers. She does not look as attractive (she is still amazing though) with it that way; she looked so much better in the Avengers.

James: Real men don't need parachutes!

James: Are Cap and Widow discovering some secret base or something? Because why else would Cap be carrying his shield around.

James: Robert Redford in this movie reminds of Three Days of the Condor, which is probably fitting since it was also a political/spy thriller.

James: I love Scar-Jo and more of her is never a bad thing.

James: This is our first look at Mackie's Falcon.

James: This place looks like a Helicarrier factory and since the last Helicarrier was severely damaged Fury probably needs a few spares.

James: Fury looks to be in some trouble and the cause is shown in a later clip.

James: The Helicarrier factory's location looks a lot like SHIELD New York in the comics.

James: One of the best parts of the trailer: "Does anyone want to get out?"

James: However, the most awesome part of the trailer is probably Cap's shield flip, pure awesomeness.

James: The Winter Soldier's robotic left arm, which I am still not sure as to whether it looks cool or not. However, the costume as a whole looks a lot like the comics.

James: This is how Fury ended up in such a bad spot earlier in the trailer obviously.

James: Can you tell who that is yet? I know.

James: Falcon's costume and suit is a lot cooler than I had expected.

James: I really like the Winter Soldier's fighting style. Seeing him face off against Cap will be epic.

James: This shoot is one of the more interesting ones from the trailer since it is obviously showing Cap in his original WWII costume. Maybe later in the film he decides to wear it since he has no other options.

James: Another Helicarrier gets taken down.

James: The Winter Soldier appears to be an awesome villain, kind of like Boba Fett being a strong silent type guy.

Something else to note is that Agents of SHIELD did not have a new episode this week, therefore there will obviously be no review.

What did you think of the trailer? Please comment below and check back tomorrow for my special Halloween review of the Walking Dead: Episode 1.

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