Top 10 Favorite Actors Part 2: 5-1

Here is the second and final part of my Top 10 Favorite Actors countdown. If you have not seen the first part, please click here to read it.

At Number 5: Clint Eastwood
Clint Eastwood is the ultimate tough guy and has played the two best movie cowboys on film, and there are almost no other actors like him around. There is something about his mannerisms and the way he talks that makes him a fun actor to watch, even if the movie he is in sucks. As a director Eastwood has made several great films including his overall best film, and personal favorite of mine, the Outlaw Josey Wales.
Best Movies: The Outlaw Joesy Wales, The Good, The Bad and The Ugly, Where Eagles Dare, Kelly's Heroes, Dirty Harry, A Fistful of Dollars, Unforgiven, Pale Rider, Trouble with the Curve,
Best Roles: Joesy Wales, Kelly, Harry Callahan, "Man With No Name",

At Number 4: James Stewart
James Stewart is an all too often forgotten actor. He has always been one of my favorite actors and I have yet to see a weak performance from him, even in a few below average films. Stewart has great charisma and always delivers excellent humor in all of his roles. Most of Stewart's best films come from his work with Alfred Hitchcock in the classic and unbelievably suspenseful Rear Window, and the almost as good Vertigo.
Best Movies: Rear Windo, Vertigo, The Naked Spur, The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance, Destry Rides Again, It's a Wonderful Life, The Man Who Knew Too Much,The Philadelphia Story
Best Roles: L. B. "Jeff" Jeffries, John "Scottie" Ferguson, Howard Kemp, Mr. Hobbs, Destry,

At Number 3: Robert Downy Jr.
Robert Downey Jr., who I consider to be the best actor in the business right now. After drug abuse seemed to bring his career to an end, Downey was cast as Tony Stark and now he is one of the most successful actors around. From both a critical and entertainment standpoint, Robert Downey Jr. has consistently been giving brilliant performances, particularly as Tony Stark, that are unmatched among his peers. While not everyone agrees, and I am sure it will never happen, Downey should get serious Oscar recognition, especially for his latest performance in Iron Man 3. Alas, the Oscar board are a bunch of pompous bigots that will never even consider it, regardless Downey is the best.
Best Movies: Iron Man trilogy, Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows,
Best Roles: Tony Stark, Sherlock Holmes

At Number 2: Sean Connery
Sean Connery has been my second favorite actor for as along I can remember actually caring who the actors were in movies. He was hilarious in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, my tenth favorite movie of all-time, as Indiana's father, and he was, of course, James Bond. Daniel Craig might be a better Bond in terms of acting skill, but there will never be a better Bond than Connery. While Connery is best known for his role as Bond, he has given his best dramatic performance in the Untouchables; the movie in which he won his only Oscar and it was well deserved.
Best Movies: Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade, The Untouchables, Goldfinger, Dr. No, From Russia with Love,  The Hunt for Red October, The Rock, You Only Live Twice, Thunderball,
Best Roles: James Bond, Henry Jones Sir., Jim Malone,

At Number 1: Harrison Ford
Wow! How can one actor play so many iconic roles!? Harrison Ford has played my two favorite fictional heroes, Han Solo and Indiana Jones, to perfection, and he has been the star in several other of my favorite films. Unlike most of Ford's action movie star counterparts, he gives his characters an "very-man" quality that makes his characters human and relatable, which is present in most of his roles, particularly, Han Solo, Indiana Jones, Richard Kimble, and Rick Deckard just to name a few. It is a shame that he has never won an Oscar, although that might change with his recent performance in 42.
Best Movies: Star Wars Original Trilogy, Indiana Jones Trilogy, The Fugitive, Blade Runner, 42, Air Force One, Patriot Games, Clear and Present Danger, 
Best Roles: Han Solo, Indiana Jones, Jack Ryan, Dr. Richard Kimble, Rick Deckard,

What are your thoughts on my list? Who are your favorite actors (if you haven't answered already)? Please comment below.
Below is my absurdly long list of honorable mentions in no particularly, and I am sure there are many actors that I am forgetting.
Honorable Mentions: Avengers cast, Firefly cast, Lord of the Rings cast, Star Wars Original cast, Michael Fassbender, Bruce Willis, Hugh Jackman, Kevin Conroy, Kevin Costner, Gary Oldman, Alec Guinness, Mel Gibson, Bill Murray, Steve Martin, Benedict Cumberbatch, Martin Freeman, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, James Gardner, Leonardo DiCaprio, Brad Pitt Matt Damon, Morgan Freeman, James McAoy, Charlton Heston, Hugo Weaving, Johnny Depp, Tom Cruise, Sean Astin, Ewan McGregor, Tom Kane, Patrick Stewart, Liam Neeson, Mark Hamill, Denzel Washington, James Earl Jones, Michael Caine, David Tennant, Matt Smith, Christopher Eccleston, Jeff Bridges, Gary Cooper, Arnold Schwarzenegger,
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