Star Wars Origin Films: Han Solo, Yoda, and Boba Fett.

According to reports, the standalone Star Wars films that are set to be released between each of the main trilogy will be Origin movies featuring characters from the Star Wars universe and their origin stories. Some of the possibilities that have been thrown around for the origin films are Han Solo, Yoda, and Boba Fett. Why is Disney doing this!? I suppose it is an easy cash grab to make entire movies about some of the most popular characters of the franchise. My biggest problem with this entire concept of origin films is that prequels almost never go well. How many prequel movies have been generally considered better than the originals? Basically none! I wish Disney would make a standalone movie about entirely new characters, minor characters in Ep. VI, or adapt a popular expanded universe story, and not make origin stories. Okay, below are my thoughts on each of the possible origin films along with other ideas.
Note: To clarify, I do not want any Star Wars Origins films with the exception of maybe Boba Fett. I am just entertaining the idea for thought.
Han Solo Origins
Among the characters that might receive an origins film, Han Solo is the one that needs it the least. Making a Han Solo: Origins film is the absolutely worst thing that Disney could do outside of a Jar Jar Origins. Han cannot be recast, end of discuss, Han Shot First! No actor will ever be able to live up to Ford's portrayal and why does there even need to be an origins movie? There are no positives to this scenario when there are so many better ideas for Origin films.
Boba Fett Origins
Heck yeah, a Boba Fett movies would be awesome! Since Fett's background has already been covered rather extensively in Ep. II and the Clone Wars, there is absolutely no reason to have the film take place before Ep. III. My preferred idea would be to bring in fan favorite Cad Bane and make a Boba Fett x Cad Bane team up film. The film should take place a few years after Ep. III and be about Boba Fett and Cad Bane hunting the last of the Jedi for the Emperor. If Cad Bane could be pulled off in live-action, the movie could be amazing. Captain: the First Avenger director and original creator of Boba Fett himself, Joe Johnston should direct the film. He has pitched a Boba Fett film in the past, so he knows the character. Even if Cad Bane is not part of the film, just a Boba Fett movie would be awesome. Jango Fett actor Temuera Morrison should play Boba Fett. Even though Morrison is a little old for the part, his age could be explained as being a side affect of the cloning process. 
Yoda Origins
The idea for a Yoda origins films has been thrown around for sometime now, so it would be not out of the realm of possibility. While a Yoda origins movie would not be my first choice, it does offer the widest range of possible stories since Yoda lived over 900 years and his origins have only been slightly hinted at and covered in minor EU stories. Also Yoda's species does not even have a name, that is how secretive they are about his origins. My biggest concern with a Yoda movie is that it would basically be an animated film, since Yoda would have to be computer animated. Even though Yoda is one of my favorite characters and a movie would not the a bad idea, I find it difficult to grasp
how Disney would pull it off.
Jar Jar Binks Origins
Okay, here is the setup: The movie opens with Jar Jar and about 15 seconds later he is killed by every character in the Star Wars universe. Obviously this is a joke, but if Jar Jar appears in the any of the new movies I shall be angry, unless it is in a clever joke.
Another that could have a cool Origin story would be Mace Windu, and Sam L. is said to be up for it.
What are your thoughts on the possible Star Wars Origin films? Which Star Wars characters deserve an origin story? Pease comment below.
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