New Sherlock Holmes Movie with Ian McKellen.

Breaking news for Sherlock Holmes fans, a new Sherlock Holmes movie, staring Ian McKellen, and based the novel, A Slight Trick of the Mind, is officially in production! Bill Condon is set to direct and McKellen will be playing the elderly detective as he struggles to fight his deteriorating mind and solve a mystery that is half a decade old. At first my reaction was shock that yet another Sherlock Holmes movie adaptation was being made, but on second thought, this could be an excellent idea, because a more mystery oriented Sherlock Holmes feature film is long over due and McKellen is probably the best possible choice for an older Holmes. Both as Gandalf in the Middle Earth films and Magneto in the X-Men films, he is an excellent actor in terms of acting gravitas. While director, Bill Condon, has won awards for his work with McKellen in the past, my only concern upon viewing his filmography is that he directed the final two Twilight movies (using the term loosely), so he has made complete and utter crap in the past. My other concern is that it might be a cash grab considering the success of the various Sherlock Holmes adaptations across multiple forms of media. From the description of both the book and what the movie is said to cover, they appear to be different, but I have not read the book. As for the movie, I am hoping that it will be more focused on mystery and the character of Holmes because a less flashy Sherlock Holmes movie would be an excellent contrast to the other fantastic adaptations of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's work currently being made. Overall though, I am both hopeful and excited for the new film, and it will most definitely be a film that I want to see. What are your thoughts on this potentially exciting news? Please comment below. 

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