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Today I have a quick announcement for about what is to come for the blog. My younger brother and co-founder of J and J Productions, Jacob the Movie Reviewer, will be playing a larger role in some of my reviews. Jacob has always given me ideas for what to say in the reviews because we basically watch all the same movies together, so he has always been the person who I discuss movies with. For the reviews and we typically have the same opinion of most movies, however there are times when I enjoy a movie more than he does or vice versa, therefore I am going to add section to end of some reviews named the "Jacob the Movie Reviewer Opinion," where he gives his rating to a film and his brief opinion about it. Because Jacob is not really the type of guy that enjoys writing, I will be writing what he tells me. Also please remember that I (James) am the main author of the blog, therefore please direct comments to me, but I will tell Jacob if you have anything to say to him. Another thing important to mention is that Jacob is usually harder on movies, hence, an often lower ratings for most movies and if Jacob does not have his opinion on my reviews, it is assume that we both agree about it. Below are a few quick reviews Jacob to films that I have recently reviewed on this blog.
The Wizard of Oz Review: 2.5/10- I despise musicals with a passion, much more so than my brother, so my expectations for the Wizards of Oz were extremely low and the movie met those expectations.
Life of Pi Review: 7.3/10- Incredibly original concept and story with impressive use of symbolism, Life of Pi's CGI effects are realistic for the animals. Also the film had an original sense of humor in the beginning of the movie. Overall, fun movie with fantastic special effects.
Oz the Great and Powerful Review: 5.3/10- Although my expectations where low, Oz the Great and Powerful slightly disappointed due to its occasionally painful corniness. The movie was all over the place tonally, ranging from cheesy comedy, to fantasy adventure, but the movie never found a good consistent tone.
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