Hey, San Francisco! Brian Ralph is at Mission Comics for Reggie-12!

San Francisco, for tonight only, your city is the funniest in America. That's a proven fact. Because Brian Ralph is there, and he's releasing Reggie-12, and he's even gonna have a hilarious slideshow and sign some books afterwards. Mhm-hm. That's tonight, Tuesday September 10th, at 6pm, at the wonderful Mission: Comics & Art . Guys, this is a jam-packed adventure about a robot that loves pizza and video games and saving the day. If you're not into that, there's no hope left for ya.

And Reggie-12 is a really beautiful book. Look, Robot 6 agrees: "It’s the kind of book-as-art object that’s so cool-looking, you might find yourself regretting putting it on a bookshelf, and instead find yourself shopping for a coffee table, just so you have something to set it on for visitors to enjoy."

You can RSVP and invite your pals on Facebook.

And check out these Reggie-12 doughnuts your northern neighbours made! Please feel free to make your own and bring them out tonight. Let's make book launches=pastries a thing, okay?

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