Hey, Portland! Brian Ralph is at Floating World for Reggie-12!

Hi, Portland! The weekend isn't over yet, and we have an awesome lil' treat for you- Brian Ralph will be at Floating World tonight, Sunday, September 8th, at 6:00 pm, to celebrate his insanely fun new book, Reggie-12! There'll be a rollicking* slideshow with a signing to follow.

I'll let Paste magazine convince you: "The action sequences are full of heft and detail. Each corner bears some nice and thoughtful element—surprised citizens peering from the ruins, the contents of a monster’s stomach, an especially jaunty slouch—all rendered in two glorious colors. Reggie-12 is a winning book, full of gleeful goofiness that never quite gets squashed by reality."

*Rollicking: adjective; Exuberantly lively and amusing, as in "good rollicking fun". This was literally the only fitting description for what Brian Ralph will be doing tonight. Don't miss it!

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