Hey, Los Angeles! Brian Ralph is at Secret Headquarters for Reggie-12!

Los Angeles, I know you've been watching this space, hearing about the hilarious Brian Ralph visiting your northern brothers and sisters, and feeling a little envious. But we didn't forget you, guys! Brian Ralph is at The Secret Headquarters tonight, Wednesday September 11th, at 7pm, launching Reggie-12 with a slideshow and signing that will have been well worth waiting for.

LA, Brian Ralph is yours. Check out what LA, I'm Yours has to say: "Reggie comics [...] are clever and often cute and you basically should read them with Reggie having a Mickey Mouse voice. Trust me on that. You’ll also find that there are some pretty clever comic techniques in the way stories are told and how time passes. Since each strip is fairly self contained and short, it’s a little surprising how sophisticated they can be."

See you tonight!

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