Gotham Commissioner Gordon TV Series

 A Gotham TV series following a young Commissioner Gordon before Batman has been green lit and will air on Fox around this time next year. Unlike most DC comics TV series other than Human Target, Gotham will not air on the CW, where Arrow and the upcoming Flash series air, therefore it is not set in the same universe. While it is not been confirmed, the likelihood of the series taking place in the same universe as the new movies is slim, because Warner Bros. really cannot get their stuff together. As for the show, I am cautiously optimistic because a Gotham about Commissioner Gordon is something I have always wanted to see. In the Nolanverse films, Gordon was one of my favorite characters, I actually liked him more than Batman, and he is a great character in the comics. According to sources, the series will feature famous villains from the comics and I hope that they go with the more comic book style to differentiate itself from the Nolanverse's version, but still have a somewhat grounded setting. One of my main concerns is that this is just a quick cash grab to compete with Marvel's Agents of SHIELD. Regardless, I am going to watch the show. Are you excited for the new show? What are your thoughts?
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