Cumberbatch in Star Wars, and Star Trek and the Wolverine Reviews Upcoming.

Benedict Cumberbatch is rumored to up for a role in the new Star Wars films! Although he had denied that he is involved in the film, Cumberbatch has said that he wants a part and has discussed the idea with J.J. Abrams. Considering that they worked together on Into Darkness, the idea is not entirely out of the question. It was also announced that Tom Hiddleston is replacing Cumberbatch in Del Toro's film, Crimson Peak. According to reports, Crimson Peak and Star Wars Ep. 7 are scheduled to be filming at the same time, therefore some have spectulated that is why Cumberbatch has left the project, although he claims that he had no knowledge of when Star Wars was filming. Now that the possibility is out there, do we actutally want Cumberbatch to play a part in the new Star Wars film after playing such a big part in Star Trek? Rumors are that he would play the villain in the Star Wars film. While Cumberbatch is a brilliant actor, particularly in the Sherlock TV series and Into Darkness, should he really play the villain in Star Wars? If he where to be cast in the Star Wars film, I would much prefer him to play a hero, thus against type and therefore would not be compared to his Trek counterpart. However, I would much prefer Tom Hiddleston to play a protagonist in the Star Wars film, but that is another discussion entirely.
Last night I rented Star Trek: Into Darkness and watched it, which my Twitter followers already know. The other news is that my local theater finally got The Wolverine, so I am going to see it tonight or tomorrow after over a month of waiting. Therefore, reviews for both films are going to be coming tomorrow, Friday, or Monday, depending upon how long it takes me to review each film and what time I have the reviews finished. Depending on which day my reviews of the films are posted, my aforementioned Firefly post will be on the day that the review is not posted on. After the reviews, I shall continue with the posts from the Reader's Choice picks, which you can still vote on if you have not already. As you might remember, one of my best friends Jamie, already wrote a guest post review for Star Trek: Into Darkness, which you can see here.
So what are your thoughts about Cumberbatch in Star Wars? Please comment below and check back for my upcoming reviews.

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