ASPHALT WATCHES takes Best Canadian First Feature Film Award at TIFF 2013

This is a delightful surprise! A couple of years ago we published the very funny and very odd Stooge Pile by the very very funny and very very odd Seth Scriver (oh, he's not that odd). It's an amazing book and part of what's so great about it, amongst other things, is how it describes a certain type of Canadian character--let's call him the Hoser. Well, Scriver fans are in luck because Seth has expanded on this idea with his friend Shayne Ehman and created an unhinged and raucous animated feature called Asphalt Watches that just debuted at the Toronto International Film Festival. And guess what? It won its division! Miraculous! Surely, this movie is coming to a festival near you or streaming or DVD or whatever and I will keep you posted.

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