900th Post! And List Teaser Posters

This is my 900th post! Wow, 900 posts in lest than three years, that is a lot of blogging! Thanks everyone for reading and commenting on all of my posts. J and J Productions has really grown in popularity over the last several months with most weekday posts featuring 9+ comments, which is awesome. To celebrate, I have some teaser posters for my up coming lists on the blog, while many of them are still work in progress, the Top 30 TV Shows list will be coming within the next two weeks.
A big thanks to one of my best friends, Jamie, for introducing me to the photo editing program, Fotor. Fotor makes it easy to create collages and add text to photos, so I will be using it to make teaser posters for my list posts. You can check out Fotor here. The purpose of these is to show a brief preview of a few things that will be on the list, however the pictures are not an indication of which shows will be at the top and order does not matter. Please tell me what you think of the List previews and check back tomorrow for my review of Brave.

If you want to contact us or have any questions please send an e-mail to johnstarslayer@gmail.com.

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