Revolution Season Finale Tonight!

Tonight is the season finale of Revolution, a sci-fi TV series set in a future where all electricity has been turned off and no one knows how to turn the power back on, thus throwing the world we know into chaos. The series is created by Star Wars: Episode VI director J.J. Abrams and produced by Iron Man 1 director Jon Favreau. Unlike most post-apocalypse where everything is bleak and grim, Revolution takes a more fun and adventurous approach, yet still has a dark side at times. The series starts with a relatively small scale, while the second half is bigger and explores some things setup in the first half. In typical Abrams fashion, the show takes its time in revealing any of the major secrets. While Revolution is not the best show on TV, it is entertaining and has likeable characters that the series worth watching for sci-fi fans. *Possible Spoiler* My crazy theory is that Miles is Charlie's father. If you watch the show, discuss some spoilers below. *End Spoiler*  Have you seen the series? Does it interest you? Please comment below. Tomorrow is a slight schedule chance, due to the breaking news of Matt Smith leaving Doctor Who, I have something about who could be the new Doctor.  
Below is an awesome video tribute to the show by a friend of mine, also be sure to Check out her YouTube channel at this link.

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