Man of Steel First Impressions.

Just got back from the Man of Steel preview screening and I have to say the movie great! A lot of fun, even if there are a few flaws. To answer the question about whether or not you should watch it, I have two answers: If you are one of the many who eagerly waited for the movie and hoped that it would be great, then certainly go see it in theaters because you will not be disappointed, unless your expectations are absurdly high. On the other hand, if you are on the fence or mostly sure that you do not care to see it, then wait for the DVD release. It is not groundbreaking by any means. However, it is almost everything I wanted to see in a Superman movie. Sometime tomorrow I will have at least the first half of my Man of Steel review, even if it is later in the day and then the second half by Saturday. Do you plan to watch the film? Please comment below. Part 1 of my review is up click on the link to check it out: Man of Steel Review: Part 1.

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