Famous Film Fathers for Father's Day.

Since it is Father's Day here are some of the most famous fictional fathers across. This is not a list, just something featuring different fathers from across movies. Who are your favorite fictional fathers? Please comment below.
Darth Vader
Sure, Vader is not the best father; trying to kill his son on multiple occasions and turn him to the dark side, but it all worked out in end.
Henry Jones Sir. 

Han Solo
He will be in the next film and is already a father in the EU.

Luke Skywalker
Again, he is a father in the EU.


Uncle Ben
Not exactly a father, but a father figure.
John McClane
Jonathan Kent
 Kyle Reese
Bilbo Baggins
Father figure, not exactly a character's real father.
I am sure that I have probably forgotten some famous film fathers, who are your favorites? 

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