Comments: Embedded or Popout: You Decide.

Since I have not changed my blog layout in a while I figured I would try something new and see what everyone thinks. I want you to vote between the embedded comment box, which I have changed to now, and the popout comment box. Because this blog main goal is entertaining you, the reader, I want to know your opinion on this subject. Below are some pros and cons of each comment box type. Also please check back tomorrow for the final part in my Top 100 Movies list. 
Pros: Most commonly used, therefore everyone knows how to use it.
Easy to reply with.
Cons: Must leave main page to comment.
Pros: Do not have to leave main page to comment.
Cons: Often glitchy.
Which one should I use? You decide in the comments and to test out the embedded comment box, I have added temporarily or permanently, depending on the votes.

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