Rutu Modan Interviewed in Publishers Weekly! Reviews!

Be sure to check out this excellent in-depth interview with Rutu Modan and Grace Bello for Publishers Weekly where Rutu divulges her influences and it's not Herge! While Rutu was in Toronto, she also did this interview with Mark Medley of the National Post where she describes her relationship to Poland, the use of actors in her books and the epigraph! Read the book first!

Hillary Brown from PASTE weighs in with a review: "[THE PROPERTY] uses old literary mechanisms (a decades-old secret! a tragic love affair!) to make something simultaneously entertaining, thought-provoking and as beautifully specific as it is expansively relatable."

The Jewish Daily Forward has Tobias Carroll on the book: "Nearly every character has secrets, desires, and information that they withhold from others. The weight of history is nimbly evoked here, but Modan’s most impressive feat is numerous plotlines using art, dialogue and language."

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