Man of Steel Countdown and Funny Pictures!

Man of Steel will be coming out in theaters two weeks from now! To countdown the film's release, I have several Man of Steel related reviews planned for the coming weeks and some funny pictures at the end of this post. For starters, my reviews for the first two original Christopher Reeve Superman films and two of Man of Steel director Zack Sndyer's films, Watchmen and 300. In addition I will post my review for Superman's last film adaptation, Superman: Returns. The countdown will end with a Review Roundup. Providing Man of Steel receives positive reviews and my local theater does not close down by then, I will go see it. Hopefully I will also have time to enter Jack's blog party giveaway at However Improbable and fit that post in before the 14th of June. Here is the schedule for the next two weeks, including the final part of my Top 100 Films!
Tomorrow: Name That Soundtrack
Sunday: Trivia Questions and Answers
Monday: Revolution Season Finale
Tuesday: Superman: The Movie Review
Wednesday: 300 Review
Thursday: Iron Man Spoiler Thoughts by Jamie
Friday: Superman 2 Review
Saturday: Name That Soundtrack
Sunday: Trivia Questions and Answers
Monday: Funny Pictures
Tuesday: Top 100 Movies: Final Part
Wednesday: Watchmen Review
Thursday: Superman Returns Review
Friday: Man of Steel Review Roundup
Here are some funny pictures!

Anyone who grew-up watching the old Superfriends show will get the reference.

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