Which Lord of the Rings Audiobook is The Best?

I have been looking a good Lord of the Rings Audiobook and I think I have found a few candidates to choose from. I want to know the opinion of The Lord of the Rings fan on which one you think is the best. I have recently become a fan of audiobooks, I think audio books add a lot to the experence of a book and makes it much more convinet than reading the books. Because have you ever tried reading while running or driving? I would not recommend it, the consequences can be quite unfortunate. I will most likely be starting the book some time next week.

Here is the one I am most interested in. It is made my a fan of the movies and books and you can download it free from his YouTube site. I think it is very high quality. What you think of this one?

Warning this vidoe contains spoilers for the book and movie.
Here is the battle of Helm's Deep. I really like the sound effects and in this one, it makes you feel like you are in the battle.

Here is a professional audiobook. I did not like this as much as the other.

For those interested in listening to the audiobooks here is the playlist. The first video explains why this guy is making the audiobook.

Please comment and tell me which one you think I should try.

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