Lord of the Rings Trivia Quiz!

Today's Lord of the Rings post is going to be a trivia quiz. I am going to be turning on Comment moderation temporarily so that you can not see other bloggers answers. I usually hate having it on but it is only temporary. I will be posting the answers tomorrow or the next day.
Also thanks JT/King Valun at The Window on the South for creating questions 1-6.

1) True or false: Aragorn is king of the Shire
2) What are the ages of each of the nine Walkers?
3) What is the emblem of the Numenorean kings, which Aragorn unfurls at the battle of the Pellenor?
4) Why is Aragorn able to command the dead men?

5) What is the translation of the statement Aragorn makes in Elvish at his coronation?
6) One of the hobbits is both an adult and a teenager. Why?

7) What was Aragorn’s Elvish name?
8) Who voiced the character Treebeard?
9) How many Awards did The Return of the King at the Academy Awards?
10) What is Merry’s full name?

Here is some you can copy and paste on your comment to easily type your answers.


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