Interview With Alyianna at Pass Word to Middle Earth.

To continue with the Lord of the Rings week today's interview is with Alyianna at Password to Middle Earth, Alyianna's Reviews, Scribbles of a Catholic Teen and Thoughts of a Dude and a Dudess. I highly recommend checking out Password to Middle Earth for the latest news about The Lord of the Rings and all things cornering Middle Earth. Also for book, music and movie reviews check out her Alyianna's Reviews blog.

 My questions are in black and her answers are in blue.

What is your Blog Password to Middle Earth about?
On Password to Middle Earth, I mostly post news (such as updates on The Hobbit movie) from (best LOTR website ever). When I have more time, I also post Behind-the-scenes from LOTR and other cool stuff. :)

What is the most questionable change in The Lord of the Rings books compared to the movies?
Oh, I could go on forever on this subject! Most questionable would be the part where Frodo tells Sam to go home. Frodo would never do anything like that, even with the Ring. Gollum could never get between him and Sam. I also get irrated by the changes to Elrond's, Denethor's, and Faramir's character.

How did you become a Lord of the Rings fan?
Love this story (shows the foolishness of a, Baggins)! When I was about eight, one of my good friends told me about LOTR and that she loved it. I decided I wanted to read the books, but my dad said to read The Hobbit first. I reluctantly agreed...but I didn't the cover looked very interesting (Smaug lying on a pile of gold and jewels). So I left it on my bookshelf for months. Finally, I did read it, and I LOVED it. After that came came The Lord of the Rings, which I loved (and still do) even more than The Hobbit. I can still remember my dad saying good night to me and I asked him, "Daddy, what happens in The Lord of the Rings? Will I hear more about Bilbo?"

Is a change made from The Lord of the Rings books to the movies that you liked better in the movie?
 Hmmm...I like the funny parts with Gimli and (especially) Pippin and Merry. One of my favourites is the scene where Pippin and Merry search for food in the flooded Isengard. "He doesn't look too happy up there, does he, Merry?" "No, he doesn't, Pippin." "Still, the view must be very good up there." "Oh, yes. It's a quality establishment."

Do you agree with the direction Peter Jackson is going with The Hobbit?
I'm not so sure about that. When I heard that Turiel (I believe that was her name) was going to be an elvish warrior AND head of the elven guard, I wasn't too happy. And P.J. better have Smaug and the trolls talk...or else. :P

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