Have You Seen Any of The Lord of the Rings Movies? And Do You Want Me to Write LOTR Posts?

Have you seen any of The Lord of the Rings movies?
I am planing on writing some Lord of the Rings posts but I am not sure how many followers have actually have seen the movies and would care to actually read the posts. I know that some are obviously Lord of the Rings fans, so I am also going to ask which is your favorite Lord of the Rings movie also. I know they are really one big epic movie but I want to know the general opinion of which is your favorite. My favorite is The Return of the King closely followed by The Two Towers but they all are my 4th, 5th and 6th all time favorite movies. Here is a Lord of the Rings remix but do NOT watch it if you have not seen the movies and for those of you who have not seen the movies WATCH THE MOVIES! Unless you hate fantasy or are scared easily.

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