Guest Post By Rebecca: Star Wars vs Star Trek

Here is another guest post by my friend Rebecca at Just me... . You may have already seen the post on her blog but I am re-posting here. Check back here tomorrow for The Lord of the Rings Extended Edition Reviews.

Have you ever noticed the similarities...and differences between these two epic space sagas? And no I'm not just talking about the title cards--even thought they are almost identical. If so then this post is made for you! Today we will be comparing two of America's greatest Science Fiction franchises! So all you Star Wars fans and Star Trek fans sit back relax and let the judging begin!
1) Which series has the best plot?
Okay, right off the bat I'd have to say that Star Wars wins this one. Sorry Trek fans...but the complexities of the Star Wars Saga's plot makes it one heck of a ride for it's viewers. Star Trek, though an interesting ride itself...doesn't provide the long lasting, interconnecting twists that Star Wars does. And this doesn't just extend to the Star Wars and Star Trek movies...but also to the T.V. series as well. Granted Next Generation and so on were pretty good too...they just don't have the magic that Star Wars has. So sorry guys, but Star Wars trumps Star Trek on this one.
2) Which series has the best heroes?
Okay, granted I used the Captain Kirk picture from the original series...but it's all I had on such short notice. Anyway, heroes on this one are hard to call. All the Star Trek heroes to some degree or another remained true to there cause....while Anakin infamously betrayed all that he loved to become a sith. So on a scale of loyalty Star Trek wins out. But there are many MANY other loyal heroes in the Star Wars saga...most of them are pretty neat. So on a scale of I guess Awesomeness, Star Wars wins. I mean after all, a hero must not only be loyal, brave and true...they must also be really REALLY cool so as to win the fans over.
In short: Loyalty wise Star Trek wins due to Anakin's betrayal, but coolness wise Star Wars wins with the most awesome characters.
3) Which series had the best villians?
Ahhh favorite part of a film. I mean, everyone likes a good hero and all...but everyone LOVES a good villain. They are what adds suspense and spice to a story line...which therefore makes them extremely important. So out of these two sagas...who had the best villains? And yea I used Khan from the OS but again...all I could snag at the moment.
TNG had some pretty awesome bad guys...and Nero from the Star Trek 2009 movie was pretty nasty too. But honestly, how could they win out over such memorable villains as Darth Vader (now a house hold name) Asajj Ventress, the evil Night Sister, or Grievous...the blood thirsty general? Sorry but they just can't. So sorry Star Trek but Star Wars beats you once again. :(
4) Which series had the best side kick?
The loyal companion of the hero can sometimes be even more awesome than the heroes. Often they are the ones who get the most fans...strange right? Well, seeing how sidekicks are so important to a is important that they be included in this contest.
Now, both Star Wars and Star Trek have some pretty cool secondary characters. The most memorable of Star Wars being Obi-wan Kenobi, and the most memorable of Star Trek being Spock. But out of these sagas who would win?
Well, I'd have to say that it's a tie. Yes a tie. Star Wars and Star Trek both have such a wide array of amazing secondary characters that it's impossible to choose who is the best. So overall both Star Wars and Star Trek win this round! :D
5) Which series had the best love story?
You can't make a saga without having some sort of love story interwoven in it. But with these two who wins? Well, I'd have to say that Star Wars does. Sorry, but it's true. Star Wars has two extremely romantic pairings that cannot be underrated. Who could forget the touching romance of Leia and Han? Or the tragic forbidden love of Anakin and Padme`? No one can and that's why Star Wars wins this one.
6) Which series had the best weapons?
Ok, this one isn't even a real contest. Lightsaber vs. Phaser? Lightsaber SO wins!! Come on, it's a laser sword! Those kick Phaser butt!
Sorry once again but Star Wars wins out.
7) Which series had the best alien species
Well, while I have to say that the Twi`leks were pretty neat (they're one of my all time favorite Star Wars species) The Vulcans, with there whole non emotion thing win out.
And that's pretty much it. What did you think? Please comment and let know! :D
Your busy and loyal blogger,
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