Mistakes in Moomin Volume #'s 4 and 5

It has come to our attention that unfortunately the last 2 volumes of our Moomin series have had printing errors.

Volume #4:
Page 38 is missing final strip.
Page 110 is missing final strip.

Volume #5:
Page 44 has incorrect strip.
Page 81 has incorrect strip.

We sincerely apologize to those of you who have purchased these volumes. We will be offering "Errata sheets" to correct these problems. The sheets will have removable stickers which can be placed in the corresponding areas.

{To receive an Errata sheet please write to info@drawnandquarterly.com, try to use the subject "Moomin Errata" and make sure your mailing address is in the body of the email. We appreciate your patience in this matter.}

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