Tove live

Rooting around the internet shoring up some research revealed a handful of videos of Tove Jansson in studio or home and a few examples of her reading her books. Of course, none of this is in English (at least not that I found so far) but this 25 minute video is interesting to watch for the bunch of people sitting around in the parlor chainsmoking aspect of it. Also, Tove draws a couple of Moomins!! Of course, it's 1970 so my guess is she hadn't actually drawn a Moomin very often in the past couple of years (I could be wrong here) and she is doing a quickie magic marker sketch. Still it's TOVE DRAWING!! I wish I could say for sure that Lars is drawing with her but I don't think that's him. {Click on the above photo to follow the link to click on a second photo. Drawing begins around the 11 minute mark.}

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