“There’s a five-dollar bill in my left shirt pocket, get me a short case.”

I haven't seen this come up anywhere but on Mike Lynch's site probably because so many of the comics press is suffering from Comic-Con fatigue but a particularly hilarious cartoonist, John Callahan, died this weekend. It's been years since I've read his work but the title of this post is still one of the funniest and despairing things I've ever read (it's a line from his "I think I Was an Alcoholic."--animated version below.) Do seek out the story; it's really great. If you don't know anything about John, I urge you to read the obit link above. His is a fascinating story and especially compelling because he kept such a great sense of humor his whole life when his situation was clearly so much worse than anything most of us will ever know ourselves.

{Mike Lynch mentions this John Callahan Primer that links to two excellent JC profiles but it bears repeating here.}

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