It would seem that Tatsumi-san won twice last night at the Eisners. Hurray for Tatsumi!! Is there a better story than a hard-working artist receiving accolades late in life? Here's what Heidi at The Beat has to say about last night's wins:

As night follows day, Best U.S. Edition of International Material--Asia follows. Claremont is not doing well with any of these Japanese names. Even Tezuka. OH BOY. The winner is Tatsumi's A Drifting Life. I am sad my beloved Urasawa didn’t win, but you can’t argue with the great great Tatsumi. Peggy Burn comes up to accept and delivers the bext speech of the night so far . She talks about how excited Tatsumi was to come to the show in 2006 and his biggest observations was that he had never even signed a book for a woman in Japan. She says over 60,000 books of Tatsumi's have been sold in North America. He has had the sales and acclaim he has never had in Japan, although it is beginning to come.


Best Reality-Based Work goes to A Drifting Life, by Yoshihiro Tatsumi. Big win on a stacked category. Peggy thanks Tatsumi-sensei the most humble generous man. "He really is the embodiment of everything that is great with comics. He went to the drawing board every single day and drew what he believed in."

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