Let's put San Diego Comic-con International right up here at the top.

Are you going? Of course you are. Please get me that DJ Lance toy will you? That would be great. It's not for me, it's for Woody, I swear. Also, maybe some cheap copies of Walt Scott's The Little People. Some original Lloyd White art would do the trick as well. You're the best.

So, Peggy, Jessica, and Rebecca will be there reh-pruh-zent-tin' so stop by and say hi. {I apologize for that spelling of "representing." You try things out and sometimes they just don't work.}

Who else will be there? Why Jillian Tamaki (debut book--Indoor Voice!!), Vanessa Davis (debut book--Make Me a Woman!), Gabrielle Bell (no new book but a new outlook on life!), and James Sturm (I know, "boys are yucky" but he has a new book--Market Day!)

Here's the full info that Peg helpfully posted a few days ago.

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