How can there by MORE Clowes-WILSON news you ask? Well, read on...

Nothing surprises me more than when an author has conducted countless interviews, reading the interviews becomes a bit of a blur for me, as the publicist. Then, out of nowhere, an interview will knock my socks off, where the interviewer or producer clearly did their homework. Jesse Thorn of Maximum Fun, invited Dan to be on The Sound of Young America when Dan was in town for his gig at Skylight Books. And writing this makes me realize I forgot to blog these fantastic photos of Skylight's WILSON window display. How great is it?!!?

Ok back to the interview, Jesse and Dan speak in depth on WILSON, including a great ten minute segment on comparing Wilson to another well known curmudgeon, Larry David. Podcast is here, talking about the influence of Peanuts on WILSON and the idea of mortality. I especially like the end of the interview where Dan waxes poetic about how much he loves the process of making comics and how satisfying it is.

WILSON also has some high profile reviews this week and last and they get better and better to flat out unbelievably great. Novelist Michael Faber in the Guardian UK, reviewed WILSON and observes:

While Wilson's statements may be mono-dimensional, Clowes counterpoints them and gives them nuance through the visual details: the absurd yet dignified ducks who walk past his park bench; the way the word balloon wholly obliterates the vista Wilson is ostensibly gazing at, as if to suggest that his constant chatter prevents him from seeing what's in front of him; even the glimpse of his bald spot.

In the Washington Post, Pulitzer critic Michael Dirda reviews the comic, while providing an overview of comics/ Dirda notes:

This is a book about life's passages and disappointments, and will be most appreciated by those who know something of quiet desperation.

And the last review is from the New York Times Book Review and I am unable to link to it yet, though I was able to read it from an advance copy of the PRINTED paper. You can bet your sweet bippy that I will be shouting it from the roof tops on Sunday morning when it goes up online. The Ask author Sam Lipsyte pens the most thoughtful, thorough and conclusive review yet of the book, even drawing comparisons to Lermontov Pechorin and Pudd'nhead Wilson. And with that, I won't offer anymore until Sunday!

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