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on June 8th, the collaborating duo Dupuy & Berberian (of Monsieur Jean fame) together with Joseph Ghosn will be celebrating the opening of their exhibition at Ofr Galerie in Paris entitled 'Impossible', featuring their 2009 self published and printed short run (edition of 500!) venture of the same name. Yes, it is still possible for you to join them!

Our "Buffy"

Sadly, no, we won't be publishing the adventures of Lorelai, Rory, Luke, Kurt, Miss Patty, and the whole lovable Stars Hollow gang. That is, unless you demand it!! But, man, how much do you want to see Dan Zettwoch's story about Luke fixing up that house?

News of the Day: Clowes, Obama and Apple.

I managed to get my hands on a hard copy of the Oakland Tribune and yeah, the publicist in me is pretty happy with how it turned out! More photos in the article online.

Hark All Ye Hosers: Lo, a Book Launch

Montreal! Put away your rivalry with Toronto for the night and join us in welcoming beloved Canadian cartoonists/art guys Keith Jones and Seth Scriver in launching their new books, CATLAND EMPIRE and STOOGE PILE. Even if you aren't a comics fan, how can you say no to $2 airbrushed portraits? THERE IS NO EXCUSE TO MISS THIS

Book launch and portrait-drawing session:

Friday May 28, 2010, 7–10 pm
Librairie Drawn & Quarterly, 211 Bernard O.

Oakland Tribune Profiles Dan Clowes! (Diesel next week!)

Reporter Jessica Yadegaren interviewed Dan for today's issue of the Oakland Tribune and starts her profile with Lonely and self-loathing, Wilson, the subject and title of Clowes' latest graphic novel, hangs around the coffee shops on Oakland's Grand Avenue, verbally sucker punching strangers with whom he instigates one-sided conversations. He is rude, neurotic and opinionated. Yet you can't help but like the guy because he is also honest, funny and desperate to better his circumstances.

Dan is in Oakland next week on the 3rd of June, in conversation with Mr. Eli Horowitz of McSweeneys.

Merci Beaucoup Montréal

This news came out right around TCAF, so I didn't get to say "YAHOO!" Readers of the Montreal Mirror voted the D+Q Librairie, 211 Bernard Ouest, Best of Montreal in two categories: #4 on the Best Bookstore (new) list and the only independent store on the list and #1 on the Best Comics Store list. Thanks Montreal! And thanks for our Librairie staff for being so awesome!

Introducing Eden

Argentinian cartoonist Pablo Holmberg's first collection of comics is a remarkable debut from a young cartoonist known in South America by his one-name nom de plume, Kioskerman.

Beautifully drawn and characterized by a distinct wit and charm, Eden is a collection of 4 panel strips that all take place in a mythical land. John Porcellino says it best: "(Holmberg) has created a beautiful new world, one where it rains angels, where trees, stars, and rivers are alive, and where the interconnectedness of all things is readily apparent. His comics are gentle, at times serene, with a delicate good humor that doesn't ignore the shadowy side of life."

John also has a nice write-up on his blog about meeting Pablo recently on the King Cat tour.

Eden will be out in stores in late July and it can also be ordered in the current (May) issue of Previews.

The Greatest Graphic Novel of All Time

WHAT?!?! Ron Rege Jr is selling pages from Skibber Bee Bye over on the Comic Art Collective?!?!? Go now and own a piece of the greatest graphic novel of all time (seriously, have you reread it lately?)

Big Anticipations

Blog reader, stop holding your breath: Big Questions #14, the latest chapter in Anders Nilsen's captivating saga, will be arriving in stores any day now.

The new issue, Title and Deed, brings together some of the disparate story lines developed over the course of the previous thirteen issues. As characters collide and become enmeshed, their interactions engender dire consequences... and that's all I'm going to say.

Okay, blog reader, now take a deep breath and get ready to hold it in for a few more seasons: the next issue of Big Questions will conclude the series!

Internet Exile, month 2

James Sturm continues to document his internet-free existence in a new column today on Slate, this time with his CCS students pitching in with comics strips on the subject. Given the fact that he won't see this (not for another couple of months, at least), I like how Katherine Roy slipped in an otherwise unflattering image of James with a comb-over and slightly lecherous gaze.

Dan Clowes Profiled in SF Chronicle

Peter Hartlaub of the San Francisco Chronicle pens a thoughtful profile on the front page of their "Datebook" section of the local author noting that WILSON is Dan's most personal book yet. Hard to believe but I think this is the paper's first profile of Dan ever! They also reviewed the book here. Next Bay Area event is on Thursday June 3rd at Diesel.

A real Strand-up guy: Dan Clowes in New York

Alright, so I'm almost two weeks late in posting these photos from Dan Clowes' talk at the Strand in New York, hosted by David Hajdu, acclaimed author of The 10-Cent Plague. But so what? This blog post is just an excuse to rave about how funny and charming Clowes is, as one might have guessed after reading interviews like this, this, or this.

Clowes' quick-as-a-whip witticisms never seemed flippant or facetious; in fact, the man behind the grumpiest character to hit bookstores this year was tremendously generous and patient with his fans.

In attendance, some local luminaries...

Oakland and Chicago take note, you will have your chance to ask Dan which Ghost World character he REALLY identifies with June 3rd at Diesel in Oakland, June 12th at Quimby's in Chicage, and June 13th at Chicago's Printer's Row festival.

Attn Europe! Clowes, Burns & Ware in Denmark; Clowes & Ware in the UK.

Copenhagen comics fans are in for a deluxe treat, as a divine trinity of American cartoonists--Dan Clowes, Chris Ware and Charles Burns--are appearing this weekend in Copenhagen at the Copenhagen International Comics Festival. The festival also has an awards component that has nominated Ware's Jimmy Corrigan, Burns' Black Hole, Clowes' Wilson as well as Seth's It's a Good Life in it s "Best International Comic Translated into Danish".

Chris did this fantastic poster for the festival and he'll will be interviewed on stage at the festival this Saturday from 11:30-12:30, and if you want to see Dan, Charles and Chris altogether, they will be interviewed on stage, ("The Great American Graphic Novel") together this Saturday from 2:00-3:30, with a signing to follow from 4:00-5:30. There is another signing scheduled on Sunday from 4:00-5:30.

From Denmark, Chris and Dan travel to England for a series of events organized by the one and only, Mr. Paul Gravett of Comica. On Monday, May 24th, Chris and Dan appear at the Cochrane Theater with Audrey Niffenegger, unfortunately this event is sold out, but the next evening, Tuesday May 25th, Chris and Dan will be at the Brighton Dome and tickets are still available! And if you can't make either event, you can go to Gosh! on Tuesday to get your book signed. I would go early as it is only a two hour signing.

Until the next time, cheerio!

Good Cause

In the spirit of the history of natural history, help fund T. Edward Bak's expedition to the Aleutian Islands! Currently at work on his graphic novel biography Wild Man about the 18th century explorer/zoologist Georg Wilhelm Steller, the artist will be selling original drawings from the book in order to help make it come to be, and you can be of assistance!

Clowes Covers the New Yorker Graduation Issue!

This week's New Yorker features an astute and bleakly funny cover on graduating from college from Dan. Part of Dan's slide show for WILSON, he talks about learning the subtle language of a New Yorker cover joke.

Speaking of his tour (any chance I get), 250 people who showed up on Friday at Skylight Books in LA and 300 people showed up at Powells in Portland! Only two more cities, people, Diesel Books on Thursday June 3rd in Oakland, Quimbys on June 12th in Chicago and Printers Row on Sunday June 13th.

Adrian Tomine Covers Yasujiro Ozu for Criterion

In a perfect marriage of comics and film, the Criterion Collection asked Adrian to create these beautiful packages for their Yasujiro Ozu collector's DVD set of the great Japanese director, they are due out this July. The rare films, The Only Son and There Was A Father are from Ozu's early career. Ozu is one Adrian's favorite filmmakers so he was more than happy to create artwork for the covers, inside booklets and the DVD themselves.

What else is up with Adrian? Well, I've meaning to blog for a while this piece of news that when Zadie Smith was interviewed on the great CBC show Writers and Co. (scroll down for her interview) for her new book Changing My Mind, she and Eleanor Wachtel went into a deep conversation on literature including George Eliot, Virginia Woolf and the current state of the novel and where is it going.

Zadie then says: "I spent this morning reading graphic novels which I love, it kept on striking me that within 30 pages there seemed to be more vibrant ideas than I've read in the 20 novels this month...American graphic novels are extraordinary at the moment."

Then then Zadie spotlights Adrian by name: "I read an Adrian Tomine [graphic novel] an old one that I hadn't read...every story has such life in it,I would kill to be able to come up with a book of 10 short stories of such vibrancy, such interest..."

Seth Illos in the NYT Magazine

There's something slightly ironic about asking cartoonists to illustrate articles on economics. You may remember Jason Lutes' illos from last September's NY Times Magazine, and in yesterday's NYT Magazine, they feature these gorgeous and quite funny Seth illustrations of "High GDP Man" and "Low GDP Man".

The Conversation: Giving Up the Web

Tonight in Toronto: Sonja Ahlers at Magic Pony!

Sonja Ahlers will be sharing her secrets tonight at Magic Pony in Toronto with both a presentation by Sonja for THE SELVES and a workshop with Sonja and Toronto artist Selena Wong, Torontoist spotlights the event.


Hey! For those among you who didn't get a chance to make it out to TCAF last weekend, here's a little preview of wacky Canadian doodler Keith Jones' new book, CATLAND EMPIRE.

The book centers largely around a group of fun-loving cats from Catland with names like "Chips Partypants" and "Pops McLapdance" who are charged with the mission of teaching the people of Earth to have fun and love hotdogs.

D+Q readers will remember Keith Jones' Petit Livre from 2006, BACTER-AREA. Well, this book again features his signature vibrant and dense page construction, only this one also features a complex and bizarre narrative about intergalactic wars and talking cats + dogs! And it's LONG! 184 pages!

It's in stores now, so check it out. Though, just a little warning, you might want to lay off acid for a while after reading this.

...naw, just kidding.

Clowes West Coast Tour Starts This Week! All Things WILSON Update Including NYT Bestseller List!

Let's get the big news out of the way, WILSON landed at #3 on the New York Times Graphic Novel List last week. Now that is what I call "kick ass".

OK people, here's what is on schedule in the world of Dan Clowes this week. Here's my piece of advice, COME EARLY! Hundreds of fans have been lining up for each event, culminating with 400 people at Dan's TCAF event last Friday night, in part due to the trifecta of scoring the cover of the Eye Weekly, lead interview on Thursday's CBC: Q, and the front page of the Toronto Star's Entertainment section on the same day. Dan's slide show is wonderful, he won't be on tour again for long time, so I wouldn't miss this opportunity to see this legendary cartoonist in person.

Thursday, May 13th | 7:30 PM | Booksmith | With Glen David Gold

Friday, May 14th | 7:30 PM | Skylight Books | With Dana Gould

Sunday, May 16th | 7:30 PM | Powells on Burnside | With Greg Netzer

Here's a new update since my last one and the one before that. Reviews from Details, SF Weekly, SF Chronicle, San Diego Union Tribune, Newsday, Boston Herald, LA Weekly, Georgia Straight, Globe & Mail, Onion AV Club, Portland Mercury, thoughts from the SF Chronicle Culture Blog and interviews with The Believer, Mother Jones, EYE Weekly, CBC: Q with Jian Gomeshi (Scroll to May 5th to listen to podcast), Toronto Star, Time Out NY, Willamette Weekly, and Amazon (30-minute podcast, all I will say is less Garfield and more Peanuts!). More press to come including GQ.com, Giant Robot, LA Weekly, Sound of Young America and much much more.

May I Draw Your Attention to the 211 Blog.

We have a pretty big non D+Q event happening at the store tomorrow night, which we are all quite excited about in the office. Join humorist Jonathan Goldstein for a live WireTap event at the Drawn and Quarterly bookstore! Americans may know Jonathan from This American Life, and everyone should read his latest book Ladies & Gentleman The Bible! . Tomorrow night, there will be slide shows and a brand new Wiretap video involving puppets. Plus, special mystery guest (and cartoonist) Howard Chackowicz!!!! Another big event we have at the store is next week's May 20th launch with Miguel Syjuco. Owning a bookstore sure is fun!!!!!

I went to Toronto in May and it snowed.

We are finally back in the office after an amazing TCAF. What makes this show so great? Is it the TPL Reference Library? The Beguiling? The festival staff? All of the above. The volunteers are attentive and eager to help. Chris Butcher and Peter Birkemoe are easy to find and generally not out of their minds with distraction. D+Q had a fabulous show (financially and personally) and as far as I can tell everyone was doing strong business. At one point at 3pm on Sunday, I was talking to Graham Annable and the show was as packed as it has ever been. Usually the last two hours of any con are a desperate affair--empty aisles, people packing up and leaving early and savvy shoppers looking for cut-rate deals. This was not the case at TCAF. Strong crowds all day long (and not just in the Kate Beaton line.)

Thursday night kicked things off with a Market Day event at the Miles Nadal JCC, what a space! James Sturm presented the process for creating the book, talking about the photos he referenced as well as his method of sketching out the entire book in rough format so that he can do extensive edits before he sits down and redraws the entire thing from scratch.

James was joined by Miriam Libicki (Jobnik) who gave an opening talk on the idea of, in her words, "the Hot Jew" and her long standing fascination with Israeli soldiers. Here they are signing books for the fans.

Got a lot of work ahead of you over the next few days preparing for a convention? Then by all means, stay out until 2am drinking beers and arguing about flipping manga.

Friday evening was the Dan Clowes interview with Mark Medley--the headlining event of TCAF--in front of 400 fans. 400! Here we are backstage psyching ourselves up for the evening. Chester Brown, Dan Clowes, Seth. SMILE!! Come on. Let's try another one. C'mon. One more. Oh forget it. That'll do.

The Chief and Mark Medley pre-show. Mark did a great job by the way. He kept the talk moving briskly and free from references to anagrams and partial word balloons. I especially liked the fact that the interview gave me a slightly different view of Clowes--he came off like a kid who always wanted to be in MAD Magazine and grew into an adult who still wanted to be in MAD Magazine.

More backstage: the great Jim Woodring (in Toronto to promote the amazing Weathercraft), the great Chester Brown (finishing up his current book he swears), and Jeet Heer (secretly writing a 10,000 word essay on Jesse Marsh in his head while carrying on a conversation about Roy Crane and his assistant.)

Our old pal Andy Brown of Conundrum Press sneaks into the back room. He tells us harrowing tales of Nova Scotian daycare.

Post interview, Dan signs copies of Wilson and the occasional non-licensed item. GHOST WORLD VANS!!

A new entry in the growing comics tattoos Flickr set. She didn't want Peggy to take a photo since it was only a few hours old!

I think Peg lost the camera for a few hours because suddenly we're 24 hours later and Marc Bell is accepting the Pigskin Peters award for his book Hot Potatoe. I was a proud poppa--my boy Marc standing up there with his fancy hat. Marc's book was especially labor intensive and I think we both are still in a little bit of shock that we ever finished it. What? You don't own it? HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE?!?! Go get it now. I'll wait.

Seth won Best Book with George Sprott: 1894-1975. He gave a funny speech where he addressed how angry he was after Wimbledon Green lost a couple of years ago. He then hijacked the show and gave a 20 minute talk about how today's whippersnappers need to maintain focus and try to do work that pleases them and not try to write something that will help them land a big book contract. He talked about how when he started years ago there really was no incentive other than your own desire to make something for yourself--there were no big book contracts. Of course, these days, you never know when someone is going to throw a wad of cash at you for a crappy book about eating well in Europe or how mean your parents were to you. {Um...my words. Not Seth's.}

Dignified Canadian Cartoonists and Doug Wright Award Winners--Marc Bell and Seth.

Peg is going to get hell for bogarting the camera. No photos of this year's host Peter Outerbridge (who opened with a charming segment showing one of the 40 or so comics he created in second grade that his mother was kind enough to save for 34 years until she gifted them to him on his 40th birthday. Are you reading this, Mother? Of course not. You never read this blog. Do you even know what I do for a living, Mom?) Above; last year's host, Don McKellar, and next year's Governor General Award winner, Chester Brown. Oh, and you can see the opening animation to the ceremonies here:

Other awards ceremonies take note, this is a crowd pleaser.

Note to all cartoonists: if you draw a self-portrait with a round bald head, some smug graphic designer is going to make it his central design element.

Young Clowes fan who was the first in line on Sunday along with his mother. "Will you draw Needledick, please?"

We caught this young boy (James) poring over Melvin Monster and who should his father be but Dave Collier!

Awesome Beguiling employee Amanda who is one of the many excellent TCAF staffers who helped make it such an awesome show. What did she do exactly? Oh, just provide the live sign language translation of Dan's Friday night event, that's all.

Neglectful mother Rina Ayuyang also neglects the Sparkplug booth evidently as she walks around the convention floor.

Seth and Chester sign. I wish I could say that Dan was doing some elaborate awesome sketch in my theme sketchbook (horses riding bicycles up staircases) but I think he was just totaling up his expenses for the show.

Cripes. Get a haircut. Dear blog readers who ask for more pictures of Gigi, here you go. She is in her "Lil Lulu" dress. {Her words. Not mine. In fact, she was the one who made fun of those comics before as well.}

Hey, who had a debut graphic novel at the show? Why it was Mr. Keith Jones. Seriously, this is a 184 page full-color graphic novel featuring space travelling cats and dogs who loves hot dogs. Another in a long line of D+Q's quasi-religious comics tracts. {More on this fresh new amazing book in this space later this week. It is called Catland Empire by the way.}

The Johnny Depp of Canadian Comics as well as local GILF--Joe Ollmann. See him on tour promoting his D+Q book Mid-Life next Spring, ladies.

The "G" in "GILF" is for "Grandpa." Chris and Sequential co-editor Bryan Munn.

Dan and Evan Dorkin discuss the term "fan favorite" and do a little mutual appreciation.

Comics biographer and critic Jeet Heer pauses in the middle of the convention floor in mid-conversation to mentally compose the introduction to the fifth volume of Walt and Skeezix (coming January 2011!) {HE TYPES USING ONE FINGER.}

Finally, I picked up a few comics at the show. Here are a few that I read so far and liked: Peter's Muscle by Michael Deforge, Nick Maandag's Laff Depot by Nick Maandag, Marla on Seeing Her Father by Ethan Rilly, and Little Wolves by James Hindle.


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