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Amy Lockhart

I know I already mentioned that tonight is Montreal launch for Amy Lockhart's DIRTY DISHES, but let me introduce you to the book! It's our latest addition to our "Petits Livres" series and features a collection of Amy's comics, paintings and sculptural works, which are strange, kind of grotesque and totally captivating. All of Amy's work appears to be part of a complex and complete interior world that we're only partially privy to, and DIRTY DISHES is like a collection of vacation snapshots from it.

Have you watched her animations? They're awesome. Check out A Single Tear on the NFB website.

Do you really need another reason to come to the launch tonight? WELL, not only is Amy going to be screening some of her animations, but it's HER BIRTHDAY! So come down to 211 Bernard Ouest tonight at 7!

Hear ye, Montreal! Hot Potatoe! Dirty Dishes!

Check out this week's edition of THE MONTREAL MIRROR for this sweet Marc Bell cover and interview by Rupert Bottenberg. Ever wonder where all those waffles come from? Now is your chance to find out!

WHILE YOU'RE AT IT, why not swing on down to 211 Bernard tomorrow night for the Montreal launch of Marc's HOT POTATOE and Amy Lockhart's DIRTY DISHES? Welcome Marc and Amy back from Toronto and London, and use your bike or running shoes one last time before it starts snowing on Saturday...

Montreal Launch for HOT POTATOE and DIRTY DISHES
Friday, November 27th, 7pm
Librairie Drawn & Quarterly Bookstore
211 Bernard Ouest

Design mart

Go pick up a copy of the Ojingogo reprint and say hello to Matt Forsythe this weekend at Smart Design Mart. 5333 Casgrain.

Couple of John P. videos

John P.'s Map of My Heart tour may be over for now but there are some great momentos like this and this other video snippets from his date at Wax Trax.

{Thanks to Karl Dotter for his great Flickr set.}

Blechman Illo!

R.O. Blechman's illustration in yesterday's NY Times Book Review reminded me that I am very late in linking to Spurge's astute review of Talking Lines but am ahead of schedule in letting you know that D+Q will be at the Brooklyn Comics and Graphics Festival with many of our artists, Blechman, being one of them. He will also be on a panel with Kim Deitch and Dash Shaw, moderated by Mr. Bill Kartalopoulos, all of them discussing animation. I have high hopes for this show, it is organized by Desert Island, after all.

Hot Potatoe fan art

From an art exchange at Expozine, this young man (8?) named Léon Auché understands Marc Bell. Take that Alexa Kitchen and Lucy Knisely.
{Apologies, I'm told that Lucy Knisely is apparently a grown woman.}

Many people have been here before but you should still go

I'm not the first person to point people towards Eddie Campbell's blog but it's good enough that it deserves frequent repeat pointing-towardses (?!) He writes often and casually and even when I'm not in agreement over some theory or other, his writing is probably as close as a well-read professorial lecture on comics as you'll find online.

I've been meaning to link to this quick rumination on Exit Wounds for a while. As usual, Eddie is paying attention to things many of us are not.

For Canucks Only: Marc and Amy's Hoser Tour, Eh.

Y'know, take off fans, Amy Lockhart and Marc Bell are traveling as far as ever a puffin flew, eh. They hit the 401 this week and travel down to Trawna, and then to Sweet L. O., and back to Mun-treal.

Friday, November 20th | MAGIC PONY GALLEY | Toronto | 7 PM

Wednesday, November 25th | FOREST CITY GALLERY | London | 9 PM | Blackshire Pub

Friday, November 27th | LIBRAIRIE D+Q | Montreal | 7 PM

In 2010, they'll go as far as the CPR will take them perhaps to Sackville, Halifax and St Johns...that's right people NOOFUNLAN! That's how much they love Canada, they are traveling to the Maritimes in the winter!

And why is Amy traveling too? Well, just for this little gem of a petit livre.

Do not miss them!

No, we don't have a Steig book planned...

it's just that these Punch and Judy drawings killed me. Also, what a great artist-at-his-desk portrait above. {Also, he's a lefty!}

Ojingogo returns!

If you've missed it the first time around, Matthew Forsythe's great graphic novel debut, Ojingogo, is now back in print, complete with a new design. After being originally serialized on Matthew's blog, it was published in book form about a year ago and was met with widespread acclaim, winning a Doug Wright Award and being selected as a Book of the Year by Quill & Quire magazine. If there was such an award, I'd also nominate Ojingogo for all-time best wordless graphic novel (it would be a tough category because it would be up against other gems like Brian Ralph's Cave In and Sara Varon's Robot Dreams).

Matthew's day job is working at the National Film Board of Canada, where he's been in charge of uploading hundreds of films from the past half century or so onto their website for free viewing. If you're unfamiliar with the NFB, start here or here and make sure you set aside plenty of time each week after that. Matthew says that they're uploading new films every week and it may take a few more years to get it all up there.

Hellllllooooo Montreal!

We are going to be at ExpoZine this weekend, sitting next to Amy Lockhart, Julie Doucet and Marc Bell whose brand new HOT POTATOE we'll be selling (Julie and Marc will be selling prints and Amy will be selling painted cut-outs). There will be lots of other D+Q pals there, too, like Bodega Distribution, La Pastheque, Zach Worton, Chuck Forsman...

ALSO, publicist extraordinaire, associate publisher and my boss, Peggy Burns, will be participating in a panel discussion on Saturday at 3 pm called "Printed Matter or Printed Doesn't Matter?," which I'm sure will be very much worth attending!

Saturday, November 14 and Sunday, November 15, 2009, from 12 p.m. to 6 p.m. at 5035 St-Dominique (Église Saint-Enfant Jésus, between St-Joseph and Laurier, near Laurier Métro). Free admission. [You'll note that this year's hours have changed to 12-6, which is an hour later start than last year, two hours later than two years ago. MONTREAL!]

Fancy more Nancy?

Here's a peek at Seth's cover design for Nancy Volume 2, forthcoming from our John Stanley Library collection in summer 2010!

I really like Seth's toonish "big head" take on everyone's favorite malleable mallet-head. Composed of basic shapes tied together with a bow, Ernie Bushmiller's Nancy was designed with such economy and balance that her component parts are instantly recognizable even when they have been disassembled, distorted, and reconfigured, as demonstrated most memorably in Mark Newgarden's avant-guard formal cartooning experiment/tribute "Love's Savage Fury."

With Paul Karasik, Mr. Newgarden also authored the seminal 1988 essay "How to Read Nancy," soon to be published in expanded book form by Fantagraphics. In a few concise pages, the authors deconstruct one of Bushmiller's strips in order to explain the significance of composition and design in the construction of the perfect sight gag. Although John Stanley's Nancy comics rely less on gags than on wordplay and narrative, Stanley demonstrably shared Bushmiller's considerable talent for composition and rhythm. (Although the comics were drawn by Dan Gormley, Stanley's scripts took the form of highly detailed storyboards.)

Consider, for example, the page below. Never mind the bizarre content and bad condition; instead, please note the symmetry in the first two rows of panels, the visual rhythm of Nancy's comings and goings, and the diagonal line of Nancy's trajectory that starts in the upper righthand corner and switches direction halfway down the page. Now go read that essay. And have a nice weekend.

Masterpiece Comics Takes Miami!

Attention Florida! As you may know the Miami Book Fair is taking place right now! And they have a whole slate of graphic novel programming. On Saturday the 14th at 5:00 PM, R. Sikoryak will be doing his last official Masterpiece Comics event for his tour! Slide show and all.

Earlier in the day, Saturday at 2:00 PM, Bob will be teaming up with James Sturm to do a workshop for teens on comics and adaptation!

If you need a copy of his book, buy it now, it is officially out of stock as we wait for the third printing to arrive, yes, third!!! It just hit stores in September!

Powerpoints are forever

If you happened to miss the joint presentation given by R. Sikoryak and R.O. Blechman at New York's Strand Bookstore then you should take a look at this.
Please note - the majority of "related videos" are inaccurately represented as such, most significantly, perhaps, in the case of the last.

Hen-reeee! Hen-ree Al-driiiiiiich!

(Click on the page above to read the rest of the comic.)

Blog readers over the age of 60 may remember the (apparently) famous shout-out that kicked off every episode of what was once among the most popular radio shows in America. The Aldrich Family, which aired on the radio from 1939 to 1953, spawned eleven movies (two of which starred an awkward-looking, post-Our Gang, teenage Jackie Cooper), a comic book series, and a television show that ultimately served as an early template for the family-friendly teenage situation comedies of the 1950s. "Family-friendly" is perhaps the perfect choice of words to describe John Stanley's script for the first comic book in the Henry Aldrich series... in fact, if I were Henry's bf, Homer, I might feel that his family was a little too friendly... YOW!

Thanks to Frank Young for the tip! For more Stanley-scripted teenage antics, keep your eyes peeled for Thirteen Going On Eighteen, the next volume in our John Stanley Library series, in stores January 2010!

Introducing Imiri Sakabashira.

Tom is putting the finishing touches on a new graphic novel called The Box Man. Every time someone in the office reads it, they look a bit disheveled and startled--in a good way of course.

Some time in the past few weeks, Tom and I came across this little VICE Magazine promotional book for Where the Wild Things Are featuring Ron Rege, Vanessa Davis and Sammy Harkham. And it also features Sakabashira. Go figure. Kudos VICE!

Vanessa Davis on Crumb

No "player hating" here, Vanessa Davis' latest strip for Tablet is wonderfully refreshing and honest.

Thank you, San Diego Comic Con!

I think that the only memory that I brought back/shared from Comic Con was the haunting image of a sexy Pikachu burned into my brain (actually, several sexy Pikachus). I guess I told my friend Lucie about this, and she decided to bless Vancouver with this "costume" for Halloween. (Also featured, Adam as Ash Ketchum)


Famous Fictional Villains!

Check out this art show at Mad Art Gallery, featuring our beloved villains Dan Zettwoch and Kevin Huizenga. It opens tomorrow, November 6th, from 7–11pm.

Seth design secret revealed!

An astute comics aficionado spotted this little known design inspiration for our second John Stanley Library volume. Thank you, David King.

Yes! Tonight! Seth in Montreal!

It is so fun when the artists are in town!

This One Goes Out To Sarah & Evan!

And, yes, this kid photo is comic book related.

My Kind of Comics Year

Both Amazon and Publishers Weekly have released their top ten Best of 2009 lists, and I'm happy to say that D+Q made quite a showing. Tatsumi's A Drifting Life deservedly makes both the Publishers Weekly and Amazon lists, and joining him on the Amazon list is R. Sikoryak's Masterpiece Comics and Seth's George Sprott. Now that's my kind of list! (says the publicist, I know, I know but still!)

Welcome to the world, Nora Emiko Tomine!

I see some good costumes in Nora's future. Congratulations to Adrian Tomine and Sarah Brennan on the birth of their daughter, Nora Emiko Tomine, October 31st, 2009, 1:40 AM, 8 lbs, 9 ozs. So sweet, and another reason for me to post baby photos on the blog.


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