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Are You...

...as excited as I am for the Matthew Thurber/Kevin Huizenga Simpsons comic coming out in this?

Interns Are Awesome

D+Q interns are awesome, and now they are even more so. Former Summer 2008 D+Q intern, McGill Music Theory graduate, Claire Boucher built a boat and attempted to motor down the Mississippi River, she didn't get far, but who cares, god bless her! This is the best and most inspiring article I have read in some time.


Live Chat With Seth Today! 2:00 PM EST

The people over at the CBC have a book club and while it's not a twitter book club like they have across the pond, it is still pretty awesome that in the past few months they have lined up Jonathan Goldstein, Jillian Tamaki and today's guest, Seth, to talk to fans. I like this opportunity as not every fan lives in a city big enough to land on our book tours and it allows even the most hermitic of people to interact with their favorite authors. Look, I am not saying that comic book fans are shy, well, actually...

And yesterday, the CBC bookclub chatted with Toronto retailer Peter Birkemoe.

And Drawn & Quarterly donated five gift packs (of 9 books each!!!) to the book club, which you can enter to win this week. And the Doug Wright Awards also donated books to the book club including a signed Louis Riel!

So 2:00 PM today, mark in your schedule, take a late lunch and chat with Seth.

Toronto! Friday June 26th!

Come out to MOCCA in Toronto (no, not that one) for the opening of Pulp Fiction, an art show featuring a bunch of your favourite Canadian cartoonists/fine ahhhhrtists like Marc Bell, Amy Lockhart, Peter Thompson and Seth Scriver.

Don't worry if you can't make the opening! The show runs until the end of August. From the MOCCA website:

Pulp Fiction
Marc Bell, Tasha Brotherton, Mark DeLong, Barry Doupe, Shayne Ehman, Liz Garlicki, James Kirkpatrick, Amy Lockhart, Jason McLean, Jennie O'Keefe, Seth Scriver, The Lions, Peter Thompson

June 27 - August 23, 2009

Organized by Museum | London
Curated by Corinna Ghaznavi

Opening party: June 26, 7 - 11 p.m.
Featuring the smooth summer sounds of Toronto synth-rock-pop combo The D'Urbervilles
(NOTE: I swear that I did not write this as a joke; it's actually what the website says.

Right on!

Chris Wright is a smart guy and makes great comics. There's an interview with him about last year's Inkweed (a book you should own) here at the Exquisite Things blog.

Here's a particularly great quote:

"I think what I am trying to say is that people who wouldn't know 'art' if it bit them in the ass need to stop insisting that comics is an art form. Comics is not an art form, it is a medium. The art comes in with the soul of its purveyor, regardless of the form."

Chris is currently working on his next book Black Lung which you will hopefully see from D+Q sometime in the Fall of 2010.

The Star's Top Ten Books of the Decade! Congrats Chester for Louis Riel

The Toronto Star considers the ten best books of the decade and spotlights Chester's Louis Riel along with Harry Potter, The Tipping Point, The Da Vinci Code and Life of Pi. We couldn't agree more!

Ssssh! Genius at work.

Marc Bell paid us a visit in the office yesterday to go over his proofs for Hot Potatoe [sic]. Seeing his proofs (in stores in October) made me realize that I forgot to link to another awesome Sean Rogers review of Marc's Illustrated Cartoon Videos in the Walrus. These are Marc's comic strips from Vice Magazine that were exhibited last month in Toronto at the Paul Bright Gallery.

Seth & Adrian Hit The West Coast: Tonight in San Fran!

Last night, Adrian and Seth presented their slide shows to 100 people at Skylight Books in Silver Lake, how do I know this already? I checked out Skylight's twitter feed!

Tonight in San Francisco at the Park Branch of the SFPL around the corner from the fine retail establishment of Booksmith in the Haight on Thursday, June 18th at 7:30 PM.

ATTN BAY AREA RESIDENTS: DO NOT MISS THESE SLIDE SHOWS! Arrive early, as the SF Chronicle did a story on Seth and Adrian and the Weekly plugged the event.

Thursday, June 18 at 7:30 PM
The Park Branch Library, 1833 Page St. with Booksmith

Tomorrow Night! NYC!

Join R. Sikoryak and Montreal's beloved Rupert Bottenberg (and others!) tomorrow night for a comics slideshow and Typhon anthology party!


MoCCA Thursday, June 18, 2009. 7 pm
Admission: $5 (Free for MoCCA Members)
Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art
594 Broadway, suite 401
New York, NY 10012


Who will create the Complete Fort Thunder archive?

Over at the Journal for Aesthetic Research, Greg Cook shows a dogpile of Fort Thunder minis. This makes me realize how many holes there are in my collection. Dang! I don't have the Garfield issue of MONSTER!

D+Q Enfant debut!

Gigi shows off the debut D+Q Enfant title A Book about Moomin, Mymble, and Little My, our first of a series of classic Moomin pictures books. Due this fall!! {ISBN: 9781897299951}


Check out this really sweet story from Anders Nilsen's blog about how making story books for his little sister made him realize that he wanted to do comics.

Congratulations on graduating high school, Ella!

Industry People!

Don't forget to vote for the Eisners! Voting ends on Monday.


During our time in New York, Seth, Adrian Tomine and I went to a number of comic shoppes so that the boys could do stock signings. Here they are at the newish Bergen St Comics in Adrian's old hood. We also had the pleasure of visiting Barnes and Noble, Forbidden Planet, Jim Hanley's and Rocketship. It's always a pleasure to go around to the stores in NYC, meet the retailers and see how the stores are set up, and this trip was no exception. If you didn't have a chance to get your book signed while Seth and Adrian were in town, be sure to check out any of those stores or the beautiful Desert Island for signed books.

The event at The Strand (another place to get signed copies of Seth and Adrian's books) on Thursday night went really well. It was very well attended and the talks did not disappoint. Seth's ruminations on art school folly, the comics medium and narcissurfing the web alternately elicit laughter and prompt thought and Adrian's reading of the introduction to the new box set edition of 32 Stories is hilarious and enlightening.

Seth and Adrian sign books.

MoCCA day 1! This is around 10 am, the books have still not arrived. MoCCA was this year held at the 69th Regiment Armory, once home to the infamous 1917 Armory Show, the one that Marcel Duchamp was kicked out of for submitting his "Fountain." Needless to say, Alison and I made many jokes about the tables and coffee cups being "ready-mades," claiming that we didn't need books. Thank you, art school!

11:00 am, still no books. Alison reads I love you, Gabrielle Bell, begins work on I love you, Jason Kiefer and Tom talks to fellow Montrealer Andy Brown of Conundrum Press. Working hard or hardly working, am I right???

11:30 am, no books. Tom shows off what he has learned in all of those "Krumping" classes; Alison is impressed.

Steven Guarnaccia, however, is not.

Crowd shot?

Nope! Just spying on Paul Karasik.

I think this is my favorite photo of the con. Gabrielle leafs through the infamous David Bowie sketch book as Sean Collins peers over the table expectantly. Meanwhile, Ron Rege appears to be engrossed in David Icke's I am me I am free - The Robots' Guide to Freedom. Mid way through the first day, everyone is looking fresh.

Also, this is probably a good time to remind Tom that we need to get our San Diego sketch books ready soon. Have we decided on a theme yet? "A horse riding a bicycle up stairs" or the simple "nude self portraits?"

We put Seth and Adrian to work.

Tom does a sketch for Peter Kuper's daughter as she looks around for someone more famous.

The booth at the beginning of Day 2.

Seth does his slideshow for the MoCCA crowds.

The people like it! Well, except for that one guy in the corner.

Adrian is hidden by the speakers, makes a lot of good jokes using audio/visual prompts.

Karl Erickson, the very kind MoCCA director, walks through the sea of trash inevitable (?) at the end of a convention. WE ARE ALWAYS THE LAST ONES LEFT.

GOOD BYE ALISON! I miss you already.

But wait! San Diego is only 6 weeks away! See you soon, actually. Sigh.

Attn Chicago: Eat Here

Damn. forgot to put this on the chief and rebecca's itinerary last weekened.

MOCCA 2009

This year it was Jessica, Alison, and myself manning the D+Q booth with signings by Seth, Adrian, Ron, and Gabrielle. We all arrived a day early and I was determined to actually do something in the city rather than just stay in the convention center. I hoped to at least see the Francis Bacon show at the Met (I wasn't sure whether I had particularly liked his work and it seemed like a good time to answer that question.) Jessica, Seth, and I hit the late Picasso show at the Gagosian Gallery with Dan Nadel. It was excellent. Better art lookers than me could stay a lot about this show but mostly I was just 1) amazed to see so much Picasso together and 2) observe the ease with which he made amazing images. After that we headed off to Printed Matter right nearby.

Jessica and Seth browse the stacks and discuss the merits of Jim Goad. We lucked out that there was a Destroy All Monsters show going on so we saw tons of amazing Jim Shaw, Mike Kelley and Gary Panter stuff. It was especially great because we had no idea the show was there. We then crammed in the Bacon show (they liked, I was less enthused) and sans-Seth Jessica and I saw some Claes Oldenburg at the Whitney. I like his food.

Later Alison joined us and we headed off the Grand Sichuan on St. Mark's to have dinner with Adrian, Ron and Gabrielle. Man, I love the food at this place. Dinner was nearly perfect except for the endless teasing I endured. ENDLESS. Now, I know how Joe Matt feels. Sniff. {Okay, I deserved it because I kept coughing because the spicy food was too hot but then I would go right back in and eat more and cough again.}

We headed off to the Sparkplug/Bodega/Secret Acres artshow in Brooklyn and were lucky enough to witness this. The sign reads "Free Bouncy Rides."

It was the first of many "New York moments" we enjoyed. Furries have broken out of the confines of the convention center hotel it would seem.

The art show was hot, crowded, filled with young people, etc. But great nonetheless. Look at those amazing murals freshly painted by a crew of Scandanavian cartoonists (how did I not know that they would be at this show?!?) Please note Austin English to the left of the frame telling yet another person that he was "the worst intern ever." {Private joke for 100 people, sorry.}

Opening time at the show. Where are the books? Where are the people? Enjoy that coffee now, Jessica, because you'll be sweating it out later.

Jason Kieffer and his must-have mini, "I love you, Gabrielle Bell" about his con-crush from TCAF. Wasn't that just last week? I wanted to film a video of Gabrielle reading the comic in front of Jason but thought better of it. I should have done it.

Brendan Burford, bright-eyed, had the newest Syncopated for sale. One of my favorite con chatters.

CCS-ers Joe Lambert, Alex Kim, and Melissa Mendes setting up their both. I think there were something like 50 of these kids at the show this weekend. Alex had his fat Xeric-funded Wall City, Joe had the same old comics he's been selling for years (C'MON, JOE!!) and future D+Q intern Melissa had my current favorite mini, Freddy. Also, Greg Means and JP Coovert in the background.

Kurt Wolfgang and Kevin Scalzo were seated in the aging-cartoonists-who-have-some-sort-of-Fantagraphics-connection section. Wait, I love these guys!! Sales of Kevin's Sweat Book climbed as temperatures soared in our dark green sweat lodge. I'm not sure if you read this on any blogs yet but it was hot in the Armory. Yes, that Armory!! The very famous place where those soldiers shot those paintings back during the Depression.

Tom Gauld, Jon Bennett, and Alvin Buenaventura stand around WAITING FOR BOOKS TO ARRIVE!

Jesse Reklaw. Never a genuine moment from this guy. Seriously. (Willow Dawson, background left.)

Jesse Moynihan, Dylan Williams, Kaz Strzepek. Jesse (Follow Me)and Kaz (The Mourning Star) had new books from Bodega. I mention this because I have read them and quite enjoyed them. Austin often refers to Bodega publisher Randy Chang as "Tom's favorite intern" although I think it's time, Austin, that you looked at him as a person.

We get it, Ron. You like peace.

Emily (Evan Dorkin's and Sara Dyer's daughter) in her now-famouser Moomin dress. I will take a picture of this dress at every con until someone pulls the camera from my hand.

Late night with Pete from Bodega and Brian Ralph. Brian says "everyone always talks about the story when reviewing comics and not the art. I don't care about the story, I just want to draw." Or something like that. Admittedly he might have been "tired."

Seth talking to his German (Edition 52) publisher, Thomas.

Head down. Ploughing through the crowd.

Flickr set here.

Somewhere, I've got a bunch of video. I'll share if there's anyhting worthwhile. Despite the MOCCA snafus, I had a great time. I haven't been to this show in a couple of years so it was great catching up with old friends like Tom Hart and Jessica Abel however briefly and spending a fun evening with Frank Santoro and Tim Kreider. I missed a ton of comics (was Uptight there?).


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