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Spurge interviews Matt

Ojingogo has appeared on several "Best of" lists this year, all the more impressive since it's Matthew Forsythe's first graphic novel. Matt discusses his comics in this interview at The Comics Reporter.

Happy Holidays Friends!

Please note our holiday schedule: D+Q will not be shipping orders placed after Dec 23rd, 5:00PM through Sunday, the 28th until Monday the 29th. Orders placed after 5:00 PM on Tuesday, December 30th through Sunday January 4th will not be shipped until Monday the 5th as the office is closed on December 24th-26th, 31st-Jan 2nd.

Travel safely and have a great holiday!

Interns=awesome plus production notes special!

By now you all know how I feel about interns (a-w-e-s-o-m-e.) Here's Michel, who just finished up a couple month stint here at D+Q. While here Michel spent a good amount of his time on the forthcoming Melvin Monster, Nancy, Doug Wright, and George Sprott projects. And he did an excellent job. So thanks, Michel!

And here's a little behind the scenes look at some of these forthcoming projects.

Doug Wright mockup from our printer with diecut. This mockup is cloth but the actual book will be a kind of red foil.

A couple pages from the proofs.

The actual size mockup (above) of George Sprott with the foil stamping and embossing and debossing and what have you. It is "tricked out" or "french pastry" or "souped up" or "like a zebra on a thoroughfare".

And here's a few from Seth's handmade, hand-painted, it-will-look-like-this-only-bigger-and-better-drawn-etc version:

Vanessa Davis celebrates Christmas to the shame of her family

Vanessa starts a regular comics feature at Nextbook.org which is a Jewish cultural web-mag. As you might expect, it's another hilarious story of family squabbling from everyone's favorite Florida born cartoonist. {What? Yeah, I know, it's a goofy superlative. Look, she's great, we all lover her comics, just go read the strip.}

All I'm Saying, Fanta, is...

that someone better be wearing this at the Fantagraphics booth at Comicon this July! (Many thanks to Ms. Lockhart for modeling my thrift store find of the day!)

Update:Mike & Janice it's in the mail.

From Pascal

Denver, of course you are going to this!!

Happy 40th Birthday, Tom Spurgeon!

Tom Devlin's "Milkshake"

More pics to come!

Anders Nilsen Art Star and Apparent Shit Disturber

Ahhh, my chance to use my all time favorite Canadian phrase! Shit Disturber!

Here is an odd pic and write-up in the LA Times from Anders' current art show, Landscapes and Smoke at the Little Bird Gallery up until January 14th.

Attack of the Clones

Thank goodness it is not Adrian's porno doppelganger!

KEVII comes to the office

That's Kramers Ergot 7 not a cute nickname for Kevin Huizenga. John Pham, Kevin, Sammy Harkham, and Souther Salazar came by the office yesterday while waiting for the books to not arrive at their signing at our bookstore. Oh well. It was fun to spend a couple days with them. Here the boys are with The Chief. Ron Rege was here too but was AWOL. We just couldn't find him.

I tried to capture everyone milling about the office. Didn't really work.

Of course, the book arrived 10 minutes after the boys dropped me off on their way to Toronto to sign at the Beguiling. HAVE YOU SEEN THIS THING?

It's big.

Eight things we do in San Diego in December and not in July!

Last week, we made a "workation" out of our Spring 2009 sales conference for Farrar, Straus & Giroux, which was held in sunny San Diego. We jumped at the chance to go to San Diego in December to see just how eerily empty it is, to us anyway. And we were also able to celebrate Thanksgiving American-style. Trust me, Canada celebrates Thanksgiving on a Monday in October and it may as well be Arbor Day. Here are the things we got to do in December that we never get the chance to do while working the long Con.

1.Stay at the Del Coronado.
Recession? What recession? I think these are the suites that J-lo stays in. Our room sorta kinda if you squint overlooked the ocean.

2.Bring the kids.
Meet Gigi of the Del. She kept everyone busy.

3.Go to the beach.
OK so maybe it wasn't warm enough to swim, but it may as well have been 90 degrees to us Montrealers!

4. Go to the zoo.

5. Enjoy a double double at the In-n-Out
which is nowhere close to downtown, and why we never get to go. still too scared to order off the secret menu.

6. Go to Pokez
oh wait, just joking. We go to Pokez pretty much every night at Comicon, just giving the crazy-rude-until-he-sees-you-tip-almost-fist-fought-a customer-while-we-were-there-punk-rock-waiter we always have a shout out.

7. Go to the library.
OK,here's where the trip gets interesting and sort of comics related. After Pokez, we were walking down the street and the little one had to use the facilities, we look around and lo and behold, right on the same street as Pokez is the Central San Diego Public Library which is AWESOME.
It's delightfully old school and hasn't been updated a bit, thankfully! (Do not tell the mayor of San Diego how much 60s library and office furniture goes for on the vintage market!)

The kids section was wonderful. I could have spent all night combing the old books, looking for wonderful illustrators and plan to do so this July. They had full sets of all of your favorite books back when covers to kids and young adult books were AWESOME. Yes, the fancy branch over in La Jolla where they have harpists play, probably has all of the Harry Potters, Stephenie Myers, and Wimpy Kids, but do they have:
The complete Judy Blume list with original covers. I simply love Judy Blume. Let's put it this way, Judy Blume is to me and my childhood what the Wolfman/Perez Teen Titans is to you. (wrong analogy I know)
The complete Moomin hardcover collection. Yes, a library in the US, in San Diego! Now there is simply no excuse as to why you haven't read these chapters book yet.

The Edward Gorey covers of the Joan Aiken books.

and the ultimate story of the pitfalls of growing up in the 70s: The Cat Ate My Gymsuit. Hopefully, the dismal economy and news of massive library closings left and right won't affect this wonderful place.

8. Be in bed by 7:00 PM.
Not by choice, mind you, but that's what happens with kids. See you in July!

Hey! It's Keith Jonessssssss

Keith Jones recently did an interview with Vice Magazine. The whole thing is very bizarre and mostly centers around Jones' hobo days. Example:

...We left him in the middle of the night and got picked up by a guy with a hook hand. He was on his way home for the first time in 20 years. Everyone loved him when he was a kid because he'd been a champion knife thrower, but he had no hand anymore and he didn't know how to tell them that. So he was scared.

Tonight!! Um, tomorrow!!

Oops, snow squall, customs brokerage, hangovers, angry parrots, whatever! No signing tonight.

Rolling into town tomorrow--THE KRAMERS ERGOT SEVEN TOUR!!!

Sammy Harkham (pictured), Ron Rege, Jr., John Pham, Souther Salazar, and Kevin Huizenga.

The books will be here, I swear!!

Miriam Katin in Madrid!

Miriam Katin just returned from Madrid, where she was at Expocomic.

While there, some of her originals for We Are On Our Own were on display and, though the fair is smaller than some other conventions, the crowds were apparently huge and enthusiastic.

This was the other photo she sent us, with the simple description "all the world is comics."

John P!!!

John P sent us this email with a whole slew of upcoming events for you!

"Hi Friends

A few bits of news for you.

Coming up on December 20th, two King-Cat related events, both FREE and ALL AGES!

SATURDAY DEC. 20, 2008; 10AM - 1 PM: Opening reception for a group show of local comics artists. There will be workshops for kids during the reception, and most work will be for sale-- reminding us all that Comics Make Great Gifts (tm).

Cartoons: Beyond the Comic Book
December 17, 2008 - January 2, 2009
Saturday, December 20, 10 am - 1 pm Opening Reception & Comic Laboratory
Curtis Arts & Humanities Center
2349 East Orchard Road
Greenwood Village, CO 80121-1570

Featuring the talents of Lonnie Allen, Daniel Crosier, Amy Reeder Hadley, Gerhard AKaaihue, Paul Niemiec, John Peters, John Porcellino, Ron Ruelle and Stan Yan.


* * *

Then, later that same day:
SATURDAY DEC. 20, 2008; 6 PM: KING-CAT / BLAMMO Battle Royale at Kilgore

John P. of King-Cat and Noah Van Sciver of Blammo! Comics square off in a battle for the title of Denver's simpiest navel-gazer! In other words, they'll sign books, talk about their work, answer questions, and otherwise embarrass themselves-- all in the name of ART. Not to be missed! Plus: Music (?) TBA; so come on down, because Comics Make Great Gifts (tm)!


* * *

I'll have copies of the brand new King-Cat 69, as well as my other publications available at both events!
For more info, please visit www.king-cat.net...

Lastly, I'll also have work up in the new POST IT SHOW at Giant Robot LA (Dec. 13, 2008 through Jan. 14, 2009), if anyone wants to go to LA to buy a Post It. More info:gr2.net

Thanks everybody!"

Attn Everyone!

Pascal This, Pascal That

Tom and I have been on a "work-ation" for the past week and a half, (more on that later), but when I returned to Montreal to hear everyone in the office and other pals, raving about our new petit livre, Nicolas. The author, Pascal Girard, lives in Quebec City and was signing copies of his new book at Expozine, which will be officially launched at 211 in January.

Nicolas is one of the saddest and sweetest comics I have read in a long, long time.

Adrian and Gabrielle: Supermodels

The December issue of Readymade interviews their favorite designers, and the first one featured is a two-page spread on Adrian, listing his holiday wish list. I"ll get right on the hunt for that 5-year-old vellum bristol board, Adrian.

The new issue of Venus also has a two-page spread on a D+Q artist, the magazine does a studio visit with Gabrielle Bell and talks to her about her Lucky comic series and upcoming book, Cecil and Jordan in New York, which will be coming out in March. Stay tuned for events.

Low-res images only, pals! Issues are on stands now, buy them and support independent publishing! (assuming you have all of the 2008 D+Q books, naturally)

R. Sikoryak & Gabrielle Bell in NYC This Week!

This Wednesday, December 10th, 2008 at 8 PM at Dixon Place.
MARK YOUR CALENDARS: Sikoryak's much anticipated collection of short stories is on the schedule! MASTERPIECE COMICS will be out in September 2009.

Holy Smokes! Kramers signing this Tuesday!

Wrap your head around this: Sammy Harkham, Ron Rege Jr, Kevin Huizenga, Souther Salazar, John Pham, and CF will all be at the D+Q Librairie at 211 Bernard thus Tuesday night to sign the massive Kramer's Ergot 7.

Speaking of 211, there are other great events at 211 in the next two weeks be sure to bookmark the 211 blog, if you haven't already.

Good-bye: NPR's Best of 2008

Yoshihiro Tatsumi's Good-Bye was selected by NPR's Laurel Maury as one of the best graphic novels of the year.

"Originally published in Japan in the early '70s, these deeply upsetting short stories deal with a post-war Japan on the cusp of the country's entry into global capitalism. Tatsumi's sexually grimy, emotionally barren tales of salarymen trying to squeeze a moment of warmth and meaning from life are both time capsules and striking works of social commentary that show the cost of linking the sense of manhood solely to work. In one brutal story, a monument to peace after the Hiroshima blast is used to conceal a murder. In another, a man spends his entire pension on gambling and fast women in order to exact revenge on his wife. Taken together, they create a bleakness reminiscent of Graham Greene on a hopeless day. Tatsumi, one of the pioneers of the realistic, intelligent gekiga style of manga, is a top artistic figure in Japan. If you associate Japanese comics only with teenie boppers and ninja, Tatsumi will astonish you."

And speaking of Tatsumi, we're wrapping up production this month on his mammoth 840 page autobiography, A Drifting Life. Written and drawn between 1996 and 2007, I'd say that this is the best work of his 50+ year career.

Expozine 2008

Expozine is always an event best attended after a heavy brunch, as the sheer amount of people, books, zines, art tidbits and doohickeys are voluminous enough to guarantee you will never find Waldo amidst the calamity.

That said, it is also an uproariously good time, and this year was no exception, with perhaps the most solid line-up of vendors and artists I have seen yet.

Drawn & Quarterly were most pleased to be part of the action, which included a lively conversation between D+Q artist Pat Shewchuck and local animator Neely Goniodsky. Shewchuk and Marek Colek were on hand to sign their new Petit Livre, Pohadky, which had its official launch the night before.

Speaking of the D+Q Petit Livres series, Matthew Forsythe was also on hand signing at Expozine, and his recent D+Q book, Ojingogo proved to be one of the hits at the fair, this after months of local (and beyond) applause and acclaim. This engrossed reader is a clear example of how amazing Ojingogo is.

While this photo clearly shows how amazing Matthew is....

I forget what we were actually talking about, but he must have been offering me some serious advice on my general habits and life lessons. Just look at that furrowed brow...


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