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Something of interest

It's not all D+Q hype here, y'know. Old friend Greg Cook interviews old friend Brian Chippendale at The New England Journal of Aesthetic Research. It's a multi-parter so click through. And bookmark Greg's blog while you're at. It's the best coverage of the New England area art scene out there. Also, go here and buy Brian's books.

Chicago! New York! Philadelphia! LYNDA BARRY!

From the "Writing the Unthinkable" myspace page:

"JUST ANNOUNCED! New action-packed TWO-DAY class in CHICAGO! Saturday and Sunday, AUGUST 23rd and 24th, 2008! ONLY 15 seats left! Tuition is only $250.00! This class ALWAYS sells out fast! So, write to Betty Bong at fromthedeskofmarlys@yahoo.com to sign up today!"

As you may have guessed from our blog here, we've all got Lynda and What It Is on the brain here in the office, so it is with great pleasure that I remind you about her upcoming event dates in New York, Philadelphia and Chicago. Take a good look at the dates, because these events are starting NEXT WEEK! Each event will contain slightly different elements, so come to all of them!

06/4The StrandNew York, NY
06/5Free Library of PhiladelphiaPhiladelphia, PA
06/6NYU Cantor CenterNew York, NY
06/7-8MoCCA FestNew York, NY
06/12HideoutChicago, IL

For those of you who can't make it out to these events, fret not! We will be announcing more events as they come up and, in the meanwhile, you can read about What It Is and upcoming events in the Village Voice, Time Out New York and the San Antonio Current.


Continuing their national tour, Chris "Chief" Oliveros and Jamie "Controller" Salomon will be the manning the old booth at Book Expo America in Los Angeles starting tomorrow. Lucky attendees may be able to spy Joe Matt at the D+Q booth #1504 in the Farrar, Straus and Giroux aisle which is always front and center at BEA and score a copy of What It Is or a poster, D+Q FCBD issues from both 2008 and 2007, and galleys of Guy Delisle's Burma, Rutu Modan's Jamilti and Abouet and Oubrerie's Aya 2. Haven't heard of these titles you say? Well, you must not be checking out our new and featured page frequently.

Denver! Montreal!


Check out John Porcellino at the upcoming Denver Zine Fest: The 3rd annual DZF will be held Saturday May 31st, from 10 AM - 6 PM at the First Unitarian Church, 1400 Lafayette in Capitol Hill. For more info please visit www.denverzinefest.com.


Come visit the D+Q booth at Puces Pop this weekend! The zine and craft fair is happening at 105 St Viateur Ouest in l'Eglise St. Michel Church. For more info, check out the pop montreal website.

Guy Delisle + Joe Matt = Definitely Not the Opera

Check out recent interviews with Guy Delisle and Joe Matt from Sook-Yin Lee's great CBC radio show, "Definitely Not the Opera."

Gary Panter in LA

Tonight, May 26th, 7:30pm

Gary Panter signing and film programming
AND Gary Panter and Devin Flynn live performance

436 N. Fairfax Ave, Los Angeles

Tuesday, May 27th, 7:30 pm

Gary Panter signing, lecture and slideshow
(introduction by Matt Groening)
Skylight Books
1818 N. Vermont Ave, Los Angeles

Gold Medal!

Shortcomings is the recipient of the Gold Medal honor for Graphic Novel/Drawn Book--Drama/Documentary in the "Ippys" or for those not in the know, the Independent Publisher Awards. Congrats Adrian!

How Awesome is Miriam Katin?

Miriam is in Amsterdam doing a a presentation at the Jewish Historical Museum where she is currently apart of the exhibit Superheroes and Schlemiels and naturally stopped by Lambiek.

Not Comics: Congrats to Julie Doucet, Jamie Quail and Jessica Campbell

Yesterday I took advantage of Montreal's Museum Day to go over to the Contemporary Art Museum, view the inaugural edition of the the Quebec Triennial: Nothing is lost, nothing is created, everything is transformed, where Julie Doucet was selected as one of 38 artists to be spotlighted. Congrats to Julie on this wonderful honor. The show is up through September and is the most vibrant show I have seen at the MAC since living in Montreal.

Also congrats to my fellow coworkers! Jamie Quail is a member of the Long Haul, whose loft space was threatened to be turned into storage space a few years ago but for now is safe from corporate development, so much so that the space is having a show right now called Ferment and has plans for a sculpture garden and website. The Montreal Mirror has the complete story. The show is only up until June 1st, so get over there! Jessica Campbell also has a show up right now in Montreal with Pictionary. The website Indyish has the story. This show is also up for just a week, so, again, get to it.

Family ties

Check out this article on the Men's Vogue blog about David Kramer, Tahli Harkham and Sammy Harkham's store, Family, in LA.

John Stanley reprint project expanded

D+Q is excited to announce that we've added the John Stanley written Nancy and Sluggo comic book series to our expanding John Stanley library. This series will likely begin next summer; it is undetermined at this time just how many volumes there will be in total. These comics came as something as a surprise to me because I just assumed that there was no way they could be as good as the great Bushmiller strips but they really are. Stanley actually expanded the cast of the strip and added a couple of great characters, the Wednesday Addams inspired Oona Goosepimple and Sluggo's nemesis, Mr. McOnion.

Pascal Blanchet has a new website

RON REGE music video

From 2003, for the band Mew.

Our Sincerest Condolences

It is with much, much sadness and great shock that we extend our sincerest condolences to the family, friends, and staff of Comic Relief in Berkeley, California on the news of Rory Root's death. Rory was one of the great personalities of the industry and the rare breed who was an original with an eye on the future. Comic Relief is one of the finest comic emporiums in the world, and Rory championed graphics novels with unparalleled passion and vision. His store is the store for independent comics in the Bay Area with a selection so vast that the store opened up to bigger digs just a few years ago.

It's hard to believe we won't be seeing you at APE and San Diego, Rory--rest in peace. You will be missed.

{Above photo: San Diego, Dinner with Rory (drinking beer), Eric Kirsammer, Dan Nadel, Eric Reynolds (out of frame). Of course, Rory dominated with tales of conventions past.}

Thank You Montreal

As Claudia points out over on our 211 blog, the readers of the Montreal Mirror honored us with two Best Of Montreal categories; Librairie Drawn & Quarterly took the #2 spot in the Best Comics Store category and the #5 position in the Best Bookstore (New).

Philly Book Fest This Weekend with Charles Burns!

Don't forget to meet Chris "Chief" Oliveros and Jamie "Controller" Salomon tomorrow and Sunday at the Philly Book Festival at the Free Library, along with Charles Burns signing from 1-3 each day! Phillyist notes our debut at the show!

The man, himself

John Stanley's son Jim sent me this photo of his dad taken around the time that John was 18 or 19 meaning 1932/33. As far as I can tell from the information I could uncover so far, it would be another 10 years before he started work steadily in comics writing Bugs Bunny and Andy Panda stories.

The next great reprint project (explained)


Perhaps the single best writer in comics before R. Crumb changed everything. Best known for his scripting of Little Lulu comics (easily the best kid's comics of all time--do you own those Dark Horse collections? Get them!). I began reading these to my daughter Georgy a year ago and kind of expected well-crafted kid's stories in a Barks ducks sort of way--fun for kids but lacking something if you were an adult (Barks fans, please don't write me angry letters.) I was completely unprepared for how off-the-wall and laugh-out-loud funny these comics were. The characters are vain, selfish, petty, boastful, and most importantly hilarious. The stories zip along with a manic energy that is the kind of comic book ideal we all imagine but few achieve. I knew of John Stanley and was aware of his higher profile comics (mostly through Seth's TCJ profile on Stanley) but hadn't gotten around to tracking them down and reading them. So far, nearly everything I've read by John Stanley has a charm and wit that is all his own. Even his Choo Choo Charlie comic!

We'll be starting off with a three volume set of Stanley's Melvin Monster. During the "monster" craze of the Sixties, Dell Comics launched this short-lived but hilarious and weird series about a good little monster boy and his disappointed family. While primarily know as a writer, Stanley actually wrote and drew all nine issues of this series. This series will be designed by longtime Stanley champion Seth.

Next up, a three-volume set of the Stanley "Teen" comics--Thirteen going on Eighteen, Around the Block with Dunc and Loo, and Kookie. These frantic comics about teenagers and beatniks remain compelling 40 years later largely because of the skill that Stanley brought to his pacing, joke-writing, and character development. Thirteen is again almost all Stanley written and drawn and is one of the great "lost" treasures of silver age comics. Dunc and Loo and Kookie feature other artists (notably Bill Williams) finishing Stanley's layouts but still maintaining that manic quality that was a Stanley trademark. Again, Seth will lend his design talents to this set.

I'm pretty excited about this and will post more on the set and John Stanley, in general in the coming months.

{Thanks to Frank Young for his excellent Stanley resourse site link above several time. Also, thanks to Pappy's Golden Age for same.}

The next great reprint project (part four)

MAD #490...

...features a 2-page comic strip, "Superdelegate," written by Joe Raiola and drawn by R. Sikoryak. It's on sale this month.

What It Is excerpt

PW Comics Week has an excerpt from this magnificent Lynda Barry book here... in stores today!!

Has anyone said...

CONGRATULATIONS! To all the D+Q artists nominated for Eisners??

Best Publication for Teens
Satchel Paige: Striking Out Jim Crow, by James Sturm and Rich Tommaso (Center for Cartoon Studies/Hyperion)

Best Reality-Based Work
Satchel Paige: Striking Out Jim Crow, by James Sturm and Rich Tommaso (Center for Cartoon Studies/Hyperion)
White Rapids, by Pascal Blanchet (Drawn & Quarterly)

Best Graphic Album--New
Exit Wounds, by Rutu Modan (Drawn & Quarterly)

Best Graphic Album--Reprint
James Sturm's America: God, Gold, and Golems, by James Sturm (Drawn & Quarterly)

Best Archival Collection/Project--Comic Strips
Sundays with Walt and Skeezix, by Frank King (Sunday Press)

Best U.S. Edition of International Material
Aya, by Marguerite Abouet and Clement Oubrerie (Drawn & Quarterly)

Best Writer
James Sturm, Satchel Paige: Striking Out Jim Crow (Center for Cartoon Studies/Hyperion)

Best Writer/Artist
Rutu Modan, Exit Wounds (Drawn & Quarterly)
Chris Ware, Acme Novelty Library #18 (Acme Novelty)

Best Lettering
Chris Ware, Acme Novelty Library #18 (Acme Novelty)

Best Publication Design
Sundays with Walt and Skeezix, designed by Chris Ware (Sunday Press)

The full list of nominees is online here. Don't forget to vote!

What Books are Adrian and Rutu Reading?

I must say --AGAIN--that I like the redesigned Comic-con magazine. The new issue asks this year's special guests what they are reading. Rutu is reading Tove Jansson and Winsor McCay while Adrian is reading Philip K. Dick, Mark Olivier Everett and Cormac McCarthy. Check out the magazine to see exactly what they say about the books.

BREAKING NEWS Adrian is a special guest at this year's Comic-con along with Rutu and Lynda, and Jason Lutes and Ron Rege Jr. will be attending!!! Get your signing on! (Groan.)

My Favorite Day of the Week

Unfortunately, my favorite day doesn't seem to be going that well for Lynda.

The newest ish of BUST has a fantastic one-page interview with Lynda. Check it out, Amy Sedaris on the cover, Lynda inside...can't lose!

Ever wondered...

how much you'd have to pay Joe Matt to sleep with Oprah?
Well, the following comic strip interview with Noah VanSciver will clear that up. Also mentioned: cocaine at a ComicCon hotel room party. In Dave Sims' room.

We're all a little Lynda crazy right now...

But this isn't a What It Is post. Nope, it's a Cruddy post. Or actually it's an Against Pain post. I just finished the production and proofing on this book and it should be hitting stores in mid-July. So the idea is that Ron will be at SDCC to sign what amounts to a kind of career retrospective/greatest hits/odds and sods/mixed bag/flotsam jetsam/sam and sally/cut and run/weep and borrow/slap and tickle/stand and deliver/dog's breakfast/mulligatawny stew or collection of work from 1986 to 2006. And Lynda will be there so we can finally settle the question of whether or not she likes this adaptation and if she does then you can get them both to sign it. By the way, Ron's book is pretty big--9 x 11.5 inches and 144 pages.

The next great reprint project (part three)

I! Dug! It!

So take the following with a grain of salt, as Amazon rankings are a precarious indicator of sales as are any other numbers when presented on their own, out of context. It is fun, however, when a big piece of press hits to check in and see how the book is doing on the rankings. Yesterday afternoon, What It Is was the #1 graphic novel (take that wimpy kid!),

the #75 OVERALL on the general Amazon rankings,

and even #6 on the humor list which is peculiar, as What It Is is not particularly a humor book (in fact many pages bring tears to my eyes)but being that Lynda is rubbing elbows with Sedaris and Colbert, I shall not cry about the old comics in the humor section gripe...this time.

Have I mentioned the book goes on sale this week and Lynda goes on tour next month?

The next great reprint project (part two)

Can! You! Dig! It?!!!!!!!!

The New York Times has posted their profile of Lynda from tomorrow's Arts & Leisure section, they also have an awesome online component.

Gentle Reminder: Book! goes! on! sale! this week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How awesome is Gary Panter?

In addition to his recent 700 page book with PictureBox, he recently had an exhibition at Clementine Gallery in New York (featured above), and has another major exhibition up at The Aldrich Contemporary Art Museum, Daydream Trap. Anyone in or near Ridgefield, CT should definitely check it out!

Gary will be doing a book signing tomorrow (Saturday, May 10th) evening (6-8) at the PictureBox storefront in New York, for those unable to make it out to Ridgefield.

Attn Philly and Chicago Fans!

I just wanted to point out to all readers in Philadelphia and Chicago that D+Q will be making two new festival appearances this year with both events being overseen by the "Chief Oliveros" and "Controller Salomon" with signings by local authors....

Next weekend, May 17th and 18th, D+Q will be at the Philadelphia Book Festival at the Free Library with the Charles Burns signing from 1:00-3:00 both days.

For all the Chicago-ites who don't make a pilgrimage to NYC for MoCCA (where Lynda Barry, Gabrielle Bell and Adrian Tomine will be but more on that later!), on June 7th and 8th you can visit the D+Q booth at the Chicago Tribune Printer's Row Festival and even see a panel at 1 PM on Saturday with Chief Oliveros, Chris Ware and Ivan Brunetti who will also be signing. The panel is even moderated by Eric Kirsammer of Chicago Comics! It doesn't stop there, Archer Prewitt of Sof Boy fame will be signing on Sunday.

So if you can't make it, send your friends who can because if all goes well, D+Q plans to do more regional book festivals in 2009.

The next great reprint project

Exit Wounds exhibition in Jerusalem

Sunday, May 11th, to Thursday, May 15th, an International Writers Festival takes place at the leading cultural centre Mishkenot Sha'ananim in Jerusalem, with renowned writers from Israel and abroad in attendance, participating in an array of events. The festival will be a fascinating venue for encounters between the comic book and prose books, between prose writers and comic writers.

Rutu Modan will be exhibiting 40 pages of artwork from the first chapter of Exit Wounds in the Dwek gallery at Mishkenot Sha'ananim as part of the festival.

The centre's programme department has initiated and conducted cultural activities in diverse spheres -- from art and architecture, design and music, to literature and poetry. It holds conferences festivals, seminars, workshops and encounters with renowned creators, scholars and artists from the cultural and intellectual spheres in Israel and from abroad.

KRAZY! The Delirious World of Anime + Comics + Video Games + Art

Attention, Vancouver comics fans:

The Vancouver Art Gallery is opening a new exhibiton next week that focuses on comics, animation and video games. Each section is curated by specialists in its domain, with comics curated by Art Spiegelman and D+Q's Seth. The entire exhibition loosely revolves around George Herriman's "Krazy Kat" and its influence, and features works ranging from Herriman and Winsor McCay cartoons to contemporary video game stills.

The VAG describes the show as "the first exhibition of its kind, a groundbreaking project that offers unique and dynamic insight into the world of comics,animated cartoons, anime, manga, graphic novels, computer/video games and visual art," but it seems to me that collecting so many disparate elements of popular culture and showing them as a unified body is problematic. As this article in the Georgia Straight puts it, "Seth admits feeling some ambivalence about the idea of his time-tested, beloved Krazy Kat rubbing figurative shoulders with the commercially based newbie Pac-Man."

I mean, come on! Pac-Man and Krazy Kat?! That's pushing it.

I will, however, say that Art Spiegelman and Seth's choices for the comics section (Lynda Barry, Harvey Kurtzman, Jerry Moriarty, Justin Green) sound like they will make the entire exhibit worthwhile!

Krazy! opens on May 17th and runs until the 7th of September.

Loft livin' in NYC

(Christian Hansen for The New York Times)

Was I the only who thought of Lucky when I read this article in the New York Times about the living conditions in artists' lofts in New York?

The article is interesting, but I'll say that one thing that Lucky has that this article could use more of, however, is Green Card star Gerard Depardieu.

Boys Comics

Man, the Fifties were awesome.

Rock the Eisner Vote Online!

The Eisners are having online voting this year, with a very easy write in section to each category so you and your favorites can be recognized! All of the industry awards are different, but the Eisners nominations are selected by that year's particular panel of judges while the voting itself is open to almost all segments of the comic book industry including artists, publishers, and retailers. I just did it myself and it took about three minutes. All votes are due June 13th!


A gentle reminder of the books D+Q published in 2007...

Comics with a spine:
365 Days/Julie Doucet
Albert & The Others /Guy Delisle
Aya/Marguerite Abouet & Clement Oubrerie
Dogs & Water/Anders Nilsen
Exit Wounds/Rutu Modan
James Sturm's America /James Sturm
Joseph/Nicolas Robel
King-Cat Classix/John Porcellino
Moomin Book 2/Tove Jansson
Oh Skin-Nay!/Clare Briggs
Pyongyang PB /Guy Delisle
Shortcomings/Adrian Tomine
Southern Cross/Laurence Hyde
Spent /Joe Matt
Walt & Skeezix 3/Frank King
White Rapids/Pascal Blanchet

Comics without a spine:
Berlin 13/Jason Lutes
Berlin 14/Jason Lutes
Big Questions 10/Anders Nilsen
Lucky Vol 2 #1/Gabrielle Bell
Optic Nerve 11/Adrian Tomine

Art books:
ACME Novelty Datebook Volume Two/Chris Ware
Fire Away/C. Von Szombathy
Milk Teeth/Julie Morstad
One Eye/Charles Burns

And distributed:
ACME Novelty Library #18/Chris Ware

Mark Your Calendars...What It Is Comes Out Next Week! Lynda Events Galore in 2008!

What It Is is in stores next week, yes, next week! And one of the first reviews are in, the Austin Chronicle weighs in:

"This is the artist Lynda Barry at her enthusiastic best, her most sincerely encouraging, urging readers toward journeys of self-discovery and the joy of making, of appreciating, art. And how does she do this? How does she communicate such ideas, all the while documenting her own travels through those vivid realms? With artwork. With page after page of collaged images and words, with original cartoons and paintings and notes lovingly delivered via sumi-e handwriting and calligraphy. The beauty here, the sheer complexity, is almost overwhelming. It's like, um, seeing a dozen simultaneous sunrises on acid while a redheaded life coach whispers in your ear that you never have to let go of the parts of childhood that are eternally worthwhile. So of course every single page of this volume from Drawn & Quarterly is in full, gorgeous color on good thick paper. So of course, because you're alive, we recommend this book to you."

Check out the rest of the review as I admire how the reviewer recognizes that Lynda has written the how-to book that puts all the other how-to books to shame. You'll see, What It Is is a singularity of creative genius.

And, guess what? Lynda will be pretty much touring for the rest of the year for the book. This spring and summer, you can catch Lynda in NYC, Philadelphia, Chicago, and San Diego. And next Fall, you'll be able to catch her in Boston, San Francisco, Los Angeles, DC, Providence, Toronto and Montreal. All events are or will be listed on our events page. Bookmark it.

My sister saw Lynda in Rochester NY last night and emailed me with this: "She was genius. I laughed so hard I snorted and cried real full tears." So if you want to catch an icon of not only American Comics, but an icon of comics worldwide in person don't miss one of these events.

Just how frickin' awesome is Lynda? Well, this pic was taken last month in Pittsburgh where Lynda was doing one of her creative workshops and she made the time to stop by the Mister Rogers Museum (Warhol, who?).

Thoreau by Porcellino

I knew John was working on this but didn't realize it was so close to being released. As you may or may not know, John is one of my all-time favorite cartoonists and part of the reason for that is John's firm belief in his art and his convictions. Series editor James Sturm brilliantly chose John to do a book on Henry David Thoreau. I can't think of a book I am more looking forward to this year that is not being released by my primary employer. Here's a sample:


Andrew Wheeler of ComicMix devoted his Manga Friday column to Good-Bye by Yoshihiro Tatsumi, in stores this July:

"Good-Bye as a whole is a stunning achievement, a collection of dark, realistic stories from a side of the world we rarely see. Tatsumi is one of the greats of world comics, a creator with a fearless, unblinking focus on the sadness and pain of ordinary life."


Oh, sure the new offices look swanky but there are drawbacks. The elevators always seemed a little makeshift (they respond to the opposite call buttons, floor buttons mysteriously turn off) so it wasn't a real surprise yesterday morning when I climbed aboard the refurbished freight elevator with our new fridge and my life became something out of a New Yorker article when the doors closed and the car lurched and I knew I was trapped. Fortunately there was actually a pretty good emergency phone service (I don't have a cell phone) in the elevator and a service guy was there in 2 hours.

But why did I drink that extra cup of coffee yesterday morning? A word of advice--wait at least three hours before drinking your own urine to prevent dehydration. I really feel like I jumped the gun on that one.


Don't forget to stop by your local comic book retailer for tomorrow's FREE COMIC BOOK DAY! You can read up on the various titles available at Salon, where they've been reviewed. Remember to look for D+Q's free comic, Gekiga!

John Porcellino FCBD events

John P. will be participating in a couple events being held in conjunction with this year's famed Free Comic Book Day, this Saturday, May 3rd:

10:00 AM - 1:00 PM in Boulder, CO:
signing comics and chitchatting at Time Warp Comics
3105 28th Street; phone 303-443-4500

3:30 PM - 5:00 PM in Colorado Springs, CO:
hands-on Mini-Comics Workshop at Pikes Peak Library, East Branch
5550 North Union Blvd; phone 719-531-6333

New office pics

Yes it's true, we've spent a lot of time in the last couple of weeks packing, unpacking, and generally getting things re-organized to meet all of your production, publicity and web-order needs.

Here's what things looked like in here on Tuesday...

... while D+Q Controller, Jamie Salomon, and the Chief, Chris Oliveros, were getting back to work asap amid the boxes.

...and Jessica and Rory check out a pie that came by Purolator over in the publicity department.

That's right, I said a pie came by Purolator. It was Jessica's birthday, and home-made all the way from Victoria, BC. Thanks Mom! It was delicious!

p.s. Yes, that is a train whistle, ping-pong balls, and a Chinese finger-trap that were also in the pie package.

Attention web-shoppers!

Dearest blogosphere,
We're really sorry, but, due to an office move this week, web orders made after April 18th are going out now. Rest assured that your books and goodies are on their way.

Pomme-Pomme reminder!

Application deadline is May 15th, so apply now! Details here.

(poster by Julia Rothman, design superstar and author of one of our favorite book blogs, Book By Its Cover.)


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