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Adrian on Fresh Air

Today, Adrian spoke with Terry Gross of NPR's Fresh Air.

My Favorite Day of the Week

Mark Your Calendar: Chris Ware Exhibit in NYC

This Friday, February 1st on Manhattan's Upper East Side, the Adam Baumgold Gallery will be hosting a reception from 6-8 PM for Chris Ware's new exhibition "Drawings For New York Periodicals." Check our event page for more information and the Adam Baumgold website for a preview. The above image is the double sided exhibition poster which will be available at the Baumgold Gallery, signed and unsigned.

Also of note, we have Acme Novelty Datebook Volume Two, Acme Novelty Library 18 and 18.5 in stock.

More Awesomeness

I swiped this photo of Dupuy & Berberian from the Beat today. Need I say more?

It was a good year for the french editions of D+Q cartoonists at the 35th Angouleme comics festival, in addition to the previously mentioned Grand Prix being awarded to Dupuy & Berberian, Moomin took home the Prix Patrimoine and Exit Wounds by Rutu Modan was noted as an Angouleme Essential, which along with Joe Matt's Spent, Chris Ware's Acme Novelty Library and Guy Delisle's Burma Chronicles (due out in Fall 08 from D+Q)was nominated for the Best Comic Book Prize.

Julie Doucet exhibition prints

While she was writing and drawing her year-long diary, 365 Days, Julie Doucet was also working on a series of bold and striking linocut prints. The prints are currently on exhibit at the D+Q store in Montreal and are now on sale to the general public and to the world at large through our website.

Each print is signed by Doucet and comes already framed and for a very brief time we will be offering a free copy of 365 Days with each purchase. And, at the risk of sounding like a used car salesman: these will only be available through our website for another two weeks, so don't delay!

Grand Prix 2008 for Dupuy & Berberian

It was just announced yesterday that the celebrated French cartooning duo Dupuy & Berberian was awarded the "Grand Prix" at this year's Angouleme festival. It's perhaps the most important comics award in the world and it's good to hear that it's being given to two of the most deserving cartoonists in Europe.
Dupuy & Berberian have been writing and drawing comics for over two decades and if you're still not familar with their work there's no better place to start than with Get A Life, a collection of their earliest Monsieur Jean stories.
One of my favorite books published by anyone in recent years is Maybe Later, a fascinating diary-account of their year together working on some of the Monsieur Jean stories that appear in Get A Life.

D+Q is also just about to publish Philippe Dupuy's first solo effort, Haunted. It's a spare, beautifully drawn story exploring a somewhat darker and more contemplatitive side of his sensibility. In conjunction with its release, Philippe Dupuy will be coming over to North America for an event in New York with Charles Berberian. More news soon.

Putting the quarterly back in Drawn & Quarterly

Sometime last week our friend Tom Spurgeon over at The Comics Reporter mulled about the lack of an announcemount regarding the release of a new issue of Berlin. The truth is, these days we just can't keep up with Jason Lutes' blazing new schedule. It looks like we may actually have a quarterly comic book series on our hands, something that hasn't occured around here since about 1991. Berlin #14, pictured above, just arrived in comic stores across North America during the holidays and before that #13 was released around September. Jason has already turned in #15 (in stores late February) and apparently he's inking the final pages of #16 as you read this (forget quarterly, it looks like Berlin is on its way to becoming a bi-monthly!).

It should also be noted that #16 wraps up the second volume of the Berlin trilogy; look for Berlin book two: City of Smoke later this summer, and follow this space for related news on upcoming Jason Lutes tours and events.
Above: panel from Berlin #15.

Prix France Info for Rutu Modan

Congratulations to Rutu Modan for winning the "Prix France Info" award for the French edition of Exit Wounds.

New Adrian Tomine Tour Dates: Montreal, Boston, Providence and DC

In last week's New Yorker, Adrian provided the art for the story Ash Monday by T. Coraghessan Boyle.

The illustration prompts me to announce Adrian's new tour dates in 2008. We have updated the tour page on the Shortcomings site to spotlight Adrian's 2/26 event at the D+Q Librairie here in Montreal, 2/28 event at the Brattle Theater with the Harvard Bookstore, 2/29 event at the RISD auditorium and a 3/5 event at Politics & Prose in DC. At all events, Adrian will be presenting his slide show, a Q+A and signing his books.

As regular readers of the blog surely know, I will (repeatedly) remind all visitors about the events many times in the next month!

My Favorite Day of the Week

The "taffy-limbed" Gabrielle Bell

There's a multi-page article on Michel Gondry and his film that Gabrielle co-wrote in the Feb 2008 GQ with lots of funny Gabrielle moments like this one.

365 Days

The latest by Julie Doucet is available to order from the D+Q site, in stores everywhere, and in this week's Entertainment Weekly!

My Favorite Day of the Week

Life Is Good

when my favorite magazines reach 50 issues. Happy Birthday Believer and happy belated birthday to Giant Robot whose 50th issue came out in late 2007. The new Believer has a cover interview with Charles Burns...high five!

Adrian covers NYT magazine (old friend inside)

Also, check out this great interview with Adrian in Mother Jones where he talks about the difference between the West Coast and East Coast, identity politics, the inspiration behind the Salinger-New Yorker cover, and more...

Watch out for Anders Nilsen...

on all the "Best of 2007" lists he's been making. The Providence Journal and The Cleveland Plain Dealer have this to say about Nilsen's Dogs and Water:
A nameless man embarks on a lonely odyssey through a desolate, temperamental world. This haunting and episodic story has been permanently lodged in my psyche since I read it last spring. Nilsen is a comics poet, writing a story that perfectly captures moods, feelings and metaphors. Do read this man.
Don't Go Where I Can't Follow was on the LA Times Best Books of 2007 list, and The End made the Pennsylvania Patriot News best of list.
Nilsen has also made the best of lists of a number of blogs.

At our store

We have a series of workshops going on this winter at our Montreal store location. Click on highlighted portion of this post to go to the store blog to read those workshop descriptions. Honestly, you should just have that blog bookmarked too and you should be checking it hourly like you do this one so you can keep up on all doings at the store like upcoming performances (Handsome Furs) and appearances (Adrian Tomine) or new stock that has just come through the door and isn't even out of the box yet.

Gabrielle in Japan

Perhaps you did not know this but Gabrielle Bell was recently in Japan filming a movie. She co-wrote the new Michel Gondry film Interior Design which is part of the upcoming Tôkyô! trilogy of shorts, sort of like New York Stories only set in Japan. "Interior Design" is based on Gabrielle's "chair" story ("Cecil and Jordan in New York") that ran in an issue of Kramers Ergot. In fact, Gabrielle even directed part of the film, the film-within-a-film segment called "Garden of Degradation" which she claims was supposed to be amateurish and pretentious but showing potential so she tried to direct it as best she could kind of knowing that it might not work out. The film is tentatively set to debut at Cannes and then (we hear) open sometime this fall. Not so coincidentally, this will coincide with two new Gabrielle Bell books--one, the short comic collection called Cecil and Jordan in New York: Stories by Gabrielle Bell and a special limited cast and crew gift book created by Gabrielle and Michel featuring photos and sketches and little vignettes from the making of the film. This petits-livres will be called kuruma tohrimasu which is Japanese for "car passing" which is some sort of private joke shared by the cast and crew. The photo above is Gabrielle (center) and her cast and crew from her film.

Border Crossings

The current issue of the Canadian art mag Border Crossings features Seth, including two pages from his story George Sprott (1894-1975). Originally serialized in The New York Times Magazine "Funny Pages," it will be collected and published by D+Q this fall.

"Seth is a skillful writer whose narratives are characterized by intelligence and compassion."

And, it just so happens that the same issue also features former D+Q intern, Shawn Kuruneru.. so, seems like it's about time for:

Interns are Awesome, Part Whatever

Go Shawn!!

Sturm Gets MacDowell Fellowship

Cartoonist James Sturm, also the director of the Center For Cartoon Studies in White River Junction, Vermont, has accepted a MacDowell Colony Fellowship. The MacDowell Colony is an artists colony in New Hampshire at which artists of many disciplines work side by side for up to two months. More information about the MacDowell Colony can be found at the organization's website.

Our favorite radio show turns 2

Inkstuds has featured quite a number of D+Q cartoonists over the past couple of years including Seth, Anders Nilsen, Joe Sacco, Chester Brown, Gabrielle Bell, Ron Rege Jr., John Porcellino, Adrian Tomine and most recently, Joe Matt. For a complete (and impressive) list of interviews go here.

"As a way of celebrating the milestone of 2 years of not knowing when to shut up, the Inkstuds are proud to be putting on an art show. Some of Vancouver's brightest cartooning talents are providing work to be seen and enjoyed, at the lovely Jem Gallery."

So, if you're in Vancouver, go to their celebratory events and wish them a happy birthday and many more years to come!

My Favorite Day of the Week

2008 Means Lynda Barry!

We are this much closer to Lynda's new book What It Is being published! Can't wait five months? Then book a ticket now to Madison, WI to attend Lynda's limited-seating two-day creative work shop in late February. Visit Lynda's myspace page for more info.


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