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More store pics (store blog coming soon!!)

Have I introduced you to our store employees yet? This is Matt. Possesses a gentle disposition.

Have I introduced you to our new piece of store furniture? This is our 800 lb. oak poster rack. Possesses Brian Ralph silkscreens, Adrian Tomine posters, and various historical documents from D+Q's past.

Have I mentioned that we have workshops at the store (located at 211 Bernard West)? Well, we do. Right now we have "drawing for kids" and "making comics for adults" workshops once a week. Here's Billy Mavreas coaxing brilliance from the pencil of a young lady named Leela. We've got workshops planned in the new year including silkscreening, woodcuts, papier-mache, drawing, more drawing, comics-ing, more comics-ing, bookbinding, writing and likely more that I've forgotten. We'll even have gift certificates for these workshops at the store soon.

Jimbo doll falls to #2 spot

Yeah, yeah, it's not a competition but look at this thing!!

My Favorite Day of the Week

Speaking of Miriam

She'll be at Dartmouth tomorrow.

Miriam Katin wins Grand Prix 2008 de la critique BD

Congrats to Miriam for winning the Grand Prix 2008 de la critique BD for the French translation of We Are On Our Own.

"Think visionary, think Nilsen."

According to this Q+A on the Book By Its Cover blog, Anders has a blog. This is where I swiped the image above from an installation Anders did of buttons using images from an old World Book.

I really like what the Contra Costa Times had to say recently about Anders:

The Existentialist: Anders Nilsen

Why him? Less means more when it's in the hands of this New Hampshire-born cartoonist. Nilsen's sketchy art and episodic storytelling sinks into our psyches. A wry commentator on the absurdity of modern life ("Monologues For the Coming Plague"), he is equally adept at conveying the purgatory of an isolated neo-future ("Dogs & Water"). Think visionary, think Nilsen.

Must-reads: "Dogs & Water." A nameless Everyman roams a post-apocalyptic world filled with danger. Haunting on the first read, humbling on the second.

Also, Tom just pointed out to me that he blogged Anders' blog months ago. Apologies, apologies.

Eh, I'll take it.

Quill and Quire just made a list of their top books of the year, and included in the list are Pascal Blanchet's White Rapids and Joe Matt's Spent. Congratulations!

Expozine et cetera

This is just a little reminder to you Montrealers (and travelers!) that we'll be at Expozine this weekend, Nov. 24 & 25, 12:00 - 6:00 PM, 5035 Saint-Dominique. You can click the Expozine logo above to go to their website.

For you internet savvy book-lovers who are unable to come to Montreal this weekend, be sure to check out our page on Shelfari. If you do not yet have a profile, don't worry. After a simple sign up process, you'll be on your way to recommending your favorite books. The only difficult part is thinking up a catchy fake screen name. Will you be bookgrrl or bananaloafer? Faerieangel or hamlips52? Only you and Shelfari can know for sure.

New Books in the office

We just received copies of Milk Teeth, Optic Nerve # 8 and It's A Good Life If You Don't Weaken. They can all be ordered from our website, which, if you're reading this, you're already on.

Happy (American) Thanksgiving

Congratulations to Adrian, on Shortcomings being one of the 100 Notable Books of the Year selected by The New York Times Book Review.

My Favorite Day of the Week

Ron Rege, Jr. has a blog...

and among other things, he has posted his "Spider-man" strip from Coober Skeber 2. The top of the blog is here.

Introducing our newest Petits Livres...

D+Q started its Petits Livres imprint about 3 years ago and the series has featured innovative work by artists including Marc Bell, Charles Burns, Nicolas Robel, and Julie Doucet. A new batch of Petits Livres will be in stores within the next month. One of my favorites is Milk Teeth, by Vancouver artist Julie Morstad.
My colleagues Peggy and Tom first spotted her work in a magazine about a year ago, and shortly after that we started seeing her Neko Case poster all around town.
Milk Teeth collects her drawings and prints from the last couple of years and I think it will be an amazing introduction to many people who are not yet familiar with her work. Her artwork is both haunting and gorgeous, and I've found myself compulsively staring at it over and over again.

During the holidays you should see Fire Away! in stores, by an artist with possibly the best sounding name ever,
Chris von Szombathy.
Fire Away!, which sports one of the best book covers in recent memory, also collects drawing, prints, and photographs of sculptures by this prodigious artist and, like Julie Morstad, we'll be sure to see more by him in years to come.

Guy Delisle is best known for his books Pyongyang and Shenzhen but before then he created two pantomime comic "albums" for French publisher L'Association. D+Q published the first of these, Aline and The Others, last year, and now its companion volume, Albert and The Others, will be out soon.
The 26 short vignettes presented here are both funny and clever, and they also open a window on the early career of a great cartoonist.

And speaking of Guy Delisle, you'll be hearing a lot more about him next year when D+Q publishes his next book, The Burma Chronicles, in September. Watch this space for more details.

Michel Rabagliati graces the cover of the Montreal weekly Voir today. Rabagliati is the special Guest of Honor at this year's Salon Du Livre festival in Montreal (North America's largest French-language book fair). It's the first time in the festival's history that any cartoonist has received this distinction, so congratulations to Michel.

Early next year D+Q will be publishing the translation of Rabagliati's latest book, Paul Goes Fishing. In fact, just last night we received the final hand-lettered text for the book from our good friend Dirk Rehm (who is in town from Germany, also to attend the Salon du Livre). Watch this space in the coming months for more news about the book.

White Rapids is making waves...

...in Canada's National Post (which ran as a gorgeous two-page spread with full color artwork spanning both pages) stating, "Blanchet appears to have the soul of the archivist. From subject to style, it's about rendering the ephemeral." And in Walrus Magazine, which declares that, "the elegance of its aesthetic is sure to propel him to the forefront of cartooning culture."

Tonight in Berkeley

Tonight is the last stop on Adrian's book tour, well, at least until his art opening at GRNY on December 8th. At Cody's in Berkeley at 7 PM, Julia Cosgrove of ReadyMade asks the questions. I would imagine that some of the questions will focus on the East Bay settings in the book, the Oakland Tribune picks up yesterday's San Jose Mercury story in anticipation. Also on the West Coast, Adrian makes the cover of the LA City Beat's Books issue and up in Calgary, the Fast Forward Weekly also has an interview.

Very Short List features R. Sikoryak

Today's VSL pick features a comic published in The D+Q Anthology, Volume 3. VSL points out that this story is also available to read online (in a questionable case of copyright infringement. Speaking of crime and punishment, heh heh, remember to ask permission bloggers!!) Luckily R. Sikoryak isn't too upset by this one, so in that case, this is also a great opportunity to mention the collection of his work D+Q has planned for Spring 2009. It will include his D+Q anthology stories and more!

Three favorites

One of my favorites cartoonists, Joe Sacco, was in one of my favorite cities, Minneapolis, at one of my favorite museums, The Walker. MPR provides an insightful interview where Joe explains that he is, in fact, not an objective reporter. The Minneapolis Star Tribune interviews Joe and starts with Superman and ends with Spiderman. Geez Louise, I am not joking. The questions in between are good, thankfully.

Bay Area Welcomes Home Adrian!

Adrian winds up his ten-city tour with an event tonight at 7 PM in San Francisco at Booksmith with Glen David Gold (Carter Beats the Devil) and tomorrow night at 7 PM in Berkeley at Cody's with Julia Cosgrove (of ReadyMade). Last week, the San Francisco Chronicle featured a review of Shortcomings, the San Francisco Bay Guardian reviewed the book and spotlights the event, and today the San Jose Mercury News features an interview with Adrian with an emphasis on the East Bay locations in the book. Don't miss these events!

My Favorite Day of the Week

Tonight in Vancouver

Adrian Tomine visits Sophia Books tonight, 7:00 PM, 450 West Hastings Street. Don't miss the Q+A with Kevin Chong (author of Baroque-a-Nova, Neil Young Nation).

Speaking of Adrian and Vancouver, he recently appeared on the great Van-based comics radio show, Inkstuds, which normally you can listen to here, but the site seems to be having some technical things going on.. so in the meantime try this.

Tonight in Minneapolis

Rain Taxi sponsors a reading series as a further demonstration of its commitment to literary culture.

Tuesday, November 13, 7:00 pm
$10 ($8 for Walker Members and Rain Taxi subscribers)

Walker Art Center
1750 Hennepin Avenue, Minneapolis

Join us as celebrated cartoonist JOE SACCO visits Minneapolis for a special presentation co-hosted by Rain Taxi Review of Books and the Walker Art Center. Appearing in conjunction with the Walker exhibition Brave New Worlds, Sacco will offer a visual tour of his acclaimed approach to comics journalism, in which he combines the techniques of eyewitness reportage with the medium of graphic storytelling to explore complex, emotionally weighted situations in some of the most conflicted and war-torn regions of the globe.

Thursday in Hanover, NH

James Sturm, co-founder of The Center for Cartoon Studies, will be lecturing at Dartmouth College about James Sturm's America: God, Gold, and Golems with a reception and signing to follow. Free and open to the public. Sponsored by Jewish Studies.

6:00 PM
Darmouth Campus
Rockefeller Center III

French radio

Last night our fantastic "controller" Jamie Salomon was on CHOQ.FM talking about all things D+Q, on the show "Dans ta Bulle" (which I believe translates sort of as "in your speech bubble" - yes, it's a show about comics). Listen here.

Attn Seattle Fans!

It's your one and only opportunity to see Adrian's slide show he put together for the Shortcomings book tour, followed with a Q+A by Eric Reynolds of the "competition"--it all goes down tonight at the University Bookstore.

Seattlest has a Q+A with Adrian in advance of the event.

Here are two photos from last week's Philadelphia event at the Free Library that reader Jamie Png sent in!

PW Announces Best of 2007

Publishers Weekly announced their Best of 2007 lists last week, and we're ecstatic that THREE D+Q titles made their comics list. Congrats to Adrian Tomine (Shortcomings), Rutu Modan (Exit Wounds), and Marguerite Abouet and Clement Oubrerie (Aya)!

Shortcomings in the New York Times Book Review

"[Tomine] is an expert at hooking the reader without tricks or obvious effort, and you'll be tempted to buzz through Shortcomings in an hour. But you'll want to slow down to take in the detailed black-and-white panels that casually document the way we live now...Tomine isn't given to flights of surrealism, rude jests or grotesque images. He is a mild observer, an invisible reporter, a scientist of the heart. His drawing style is plain and exact. The dialogue appearing inside his cartoon balloons is pitch-perfect and succinct. He's daring in his restraint."
-Jim Windolf, The New York Times Book Review

Adrian in the Pacific NW: Portland, Seattle and Vancouver

The Shortcomings reports haven't stopped rolling in from Chicago yet, and they're already pouring in from the NW. Check out the Chicago New City and the Chicago Reader as they both picked last night's event at Quimby's as not to miss. Here's a slew of interviews for Adrian's upcoming appearances: The Willamette Weekly interviews Adrian in advance of his Wordstock event sponsored by Powells on Saturday, the Seattle Times picks up comics chronicler Chris Mautner's Q+A off the wire to prep for Adrian's event at University Books in Seattle on Monday and the Georgia Straight catches a few minutes with Adrian for his Tuesday event in Vancouver at Sophia Books. Also, the Seattle Weekly reviewed Shortcomings in its Fall preview a few weeks ago. And heck while I am at it, and since I am the publicist, let's just point out this Daily Michigan interview that ran before Adrian's SRO event at Shaman Drum in Ann Arbor on Wednesday and this write up in the Philadelphia Weekly.

Note: Adrian will be presenting his slide show in Portland and yes, now, due to popular demand in Seattle! Though our pal Eric Reynolds will still be asking the tough questions on Monday, as Kevin Chong (author of Baroque-a-Nova, Neil Young Nation) undoubtedly will in Vancouver on Tuesday.

Tonight in DC: Lynda Barry & Chris Ware

Anyone within a 100-mile radius of DC should not miss this awesome event: Lynda Barry, Alison Bechdel and Chris Ware with astute comics reporter Dan Raeburn asking the questions. It's at the Cecile Goldman Theater of the Washington, DC Jewish Community Center.

Shortcomings Makes Amazon's Best of 2007

Amazon has released their Best of 2007 lists, and Shortcomings comes in at #5 on their comics and graphic novel list! They have the book on sale for a great price too...

Fan Photos

Thanks to Chris Anthony Diaz for sending in these pictures from James Sturm's talk & signing at the JCC San Francisco on Sunday.

This Week: Adrian Tomine in Philadelphia, Ann Arbor, Chicago and Portland

The Shortcomings tour is officially in full swing. On Tuesday at the Free Library in Philadelphia, Wednesday at Shaman Drum in Ann Arbor, and Saturday at Wordstock in Portland, Adrian will present a slide show, which I have been privy to, and I swear (not as his publicist!) don't miss it! On Thursday at Quimby's in Chicago, Adrian will be interviewed by Irma Nunez of the Chicago Reader, who we met in Summer 2007 in L.A., when she interviewed Yoshihiro Tatsumi for the Japan Times. Next week, Adrian hits Seattle, Vancouver, San Francisco and Berkeley, all information can be found here.

This is Adrian's first time in Philadelphia and Ann Arbor, and people are talking, check out what they are saying in the Philadelphia Inquirer, Philadelphia City Paper, the Ann Arbor News as well as two reviews in Time Out Chicago and the Portland Mercury.

New Lynda Barry Strip

This is definitely going to be the highlight of my week from now on.

Attn L.A.: Shortcomings Originals in Giant Robot Biennale

Congratulations to one of our favorite magazines, Giant Robot, for making it to Issue #50! In celebration of this anniversary, Eric Nakamura has curated a show up at the Japanese American National Museum in Los Angeles. If you are lucky enough to get over there, you'll see over 10 pages of original Shortcomings art, as well as the cover by Adrian Tomine to the New Yorker. Eric Nakamura has posted some photos from the show on flickr, which I have swiped above.

Also, if you live in NYC, Adrian will be having an art show at GRNY opening on December 8th. Mark your calendar.

Sunday: James Sturm in San Francisco

The 2007 SF Jewish BookFest Presents:

Gain insights into the creative process, politics and vision of James Sturm, an Eisner Award winner and the founder of the Center for Cartoon Studies. James Sturm's America draws a portrait of the people and their dreams that make up this country: pioneers searching for a place to call home, ghost towns gutted by greed and racism, and the distractions and fantasies of popular entertainment.

Sunday, November 4, 2007
3:45-5:00 PM

Book signing follows, 5:00-5:15 PM

JCCSF, 3200 California Street at Presidio, San Francisco
For more info click here.

Adrian Tomine in L.A. this Saturday

Don't miss Adrian in Los Angeles as one of our favorite retailers, Skylight Books celebrates their 11th Anniversary party. Bill Smith, formerly of the LA Weekly, will be asking the questions.

Q+A and Signing
Saturday, November 3rd 2007 5:00 PM
SKYLIGHT BOOKS (1818 N. Vermont Ave LA, CA 90027)

Also, we are asking all readers who attend the various stops on the tour to send in your blog reports and photos, we'll link to and post the most memorable. Email opticnervenews@drawnandquarterly.com!

Chris Ware's The Savages Poster

A Chris Ware poster for a movie that has two of my favorite actors in it!? Philip Seymour Hoffman and Laura Linney in The Savages!! Can't think of anything better.

Can't Make Adrian's Tour?

Don't live in L.A., Philly, Ann Arbor, Chicago, Portland, Seattle, Vancouver, San Francisco, Berkeley or NYC? Don't worry, the continent's best all-comics radio show Inkstuds interviewed Adrian Tomine yesterday and have posted the podcast. Before the interview they asked Adrian for a playlist and he requested: "I'm Satisfied" by Mississippi John Hurt, "Backlash Blues" by Nina Simone, "Baby Stones" by Robert Forster, and "My 1st Song" by Jay-Z.


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