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Rutu Modan, Mimi Pond, Gilbert Hernandez bring home the gold!

It's Monday, and Comic-Con 2014 is already over. Montreal is rainy and cold to welcome Tracy, Jade, and Julia home-- this ain't California, that's for sure. I'd be bummed, but I'm too darn proud of RUTU MODAN, MIMI POND, and GILBERT HERNANDEZ to be unhappy.

Rutu Modan scooped up a 'Best Graphic Album- New' Eisner Award for her stunning book, The Property. Above is a panel from the book I am constantly showing off to friends, customers, and strangers alike, in moments of LOOK-AT-HOW-BEAUTIFUL-THIS-IS passion. Below is Tracy accepting the award on Rutu's behalf at Friday night's ceremony.

The Washington Post has an interview with Rutu up about her win. In it Rutu says "When I saw the e-mail from my publisher, I jumped up yelling... And danced in the living room with my surprised son." I never had any doubt The Property would win the prize, but I feel like dancing too! Especially because we've got two other winning authors in the house:

Here's Mimi Pond signin' and smilin' with her Inkpot Award for achievement in comics! Mimi was in the biz long before we published Over Easy this spring, and it seems she's just getting better and better. I can hardly wait for the second volume of her semi-autobiographical graphic novel (!)

Image via

Also honoured were Gilbert and Jaime Hernandez- can you believe these were their first Eisner Awards? Nope, me either. Gilbert won 'Best Short Story' for his work in ongoing series Love and Rockets.

Bravo, all! And stay tuned for our full Comic-Con recap coming soon!

Let's all just go back to TCAF for a minute….

Here's Kate Beaton, Lynn Johnston, and Raina Telgemeier's kick-off talk for this year's TCAF, in all its almost two hours of glory. Need I really say more??? Happy Friday, y'all.

Mimi Pond and Vanessa Davis host ICON8! And NEW Mimi Pond event in Chattanooga, TN!

Portland's ICON8 Illustration Conference is in full swing! Like always, ICON8 is bringing together top illustrators, designers, and publishers from around the globe for a weekend of panels, workshops, and presentations. But this year is going to be way more fun than any other, because Mimi Pond and Vanessa Davis are hosting the whole she-bang! These two are hilarious, and full of good stories, and I'm really bummed to be missing them emcee. If you're one of the lucky ones able to be there this weekend (the conference is sold out), be sure have Mimi and Vanessa sign copies of their books tomorrow, Saturday July 12th, in the Kridel Lobby outside of the Portland Museum of Art Auditorium . The signing begins at 12:45 pm!

And if you weren't able to make ICON8, fret not. We're happy to announce a brand new date on Mimi Pond's Over Easy tour: she will be presenting and signing at Winder Binder in Chattanooga, Tennessee on Monday, August 18th, at 7pm. Get on over there!

Hey Guelph! Have you seen Seth hangin' downtown?

This banner of Seth and his artwork, that is! The city of Guelph has decided to honour its local artists by hanging their portraits alongside their works from the streetlights on downtown Quebec Street. Amazing! I hope to see initiatives like this in more towns. If you're in Guelph or planning to visit, these artists will be smiling down on you until October.

And while we're appreciating Seth, The Washington Post recently shared a 're-appreciation' of Palookaville 21 as part of their Shelfies series. The piece includes a wonderful interview with Seth, in which he discusses narrative choices made in Nothing Lasts (its opening page is pictured above), fictional histories, his many plans for future projects, and more. I suggest you read it!

Asphalt Watches on Demand

We've mentioned it before but remember that odd amazing little book we did a couple of years ago called Stooge Pile? Of course you do. Well, Seth Scriver, the inspired hoser behind that book, recently made a full-length cartoon movie with his friend Shayne Ehman called Asphalt Watches and it is finally on Vimeo On Demand and you should git on over there and watch it. $5 for a movie in yer living room. Come on, you paid for Veronica Mars the first weekend it was out you can handle this. And it will open your head and put ideas in there. People, this movie won the Best First Canadian Feature Award at the Toronto International Film Festival, what else do you need to know?


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