In stores now: BENSON's CUCKOOS by Anouk Ricard

I don't think I've ever met anyone, young or old, who doesn't fall in love at first sight with Anouk Ricard's smart-alecky Anna and Froga series. And while those books are technically for children, we've got good news for adult fans- Anouk Ricard's latest, Benson's Cuckoos, is just for you and in stores now!

Benson's Cuckoos is both a whodunnit and office comedy, set at a cuckoo-clock factory. Despite the interview being less than conventional, duck-billed Richard is happy to have found work, and ignores the office's shortcomings- like its dead fish, or being asked to provide his own computer. But soon,

things spiral out of control, and the weirdness becomes unignorable.

Mr. Benson is never without a wild hat and calls surprise meetings like they're pop quizzes. None of office workers are in the least bit helpful, and if asked about George, the lion Richard is replacing, they'll invent elaborate lies or begin crying. Richard's psychiatrist is useless. No one, no one, gets any work done.

Perplexed and anxious, Richard becomes determined to find out what happened to the missing George, all while trying to woo the company's receptionist and maintain a sense of order in his working life. Obviously, hilarity ensues.

Like in Anna and Froga, Anouk's brightly-coloured classic panels are punctuated with washy, surreal dreamscapes. Benson's Cuckoos is as good-lookin' as it is funny, with lovably dim-witted characters that are completely unforgettable. From Publishers Weekly : "[Benson's Cuckoos] is like a fever dream of workplace anxiety drawn by Richard Scarry for those worn down by the business grind... Those who’ve worked office jobs with self-important, rude, or clueless coworkers (and who hasn’t?) will appreciate the satire."

So what's keeping you? Pick up a copy and join the cuckoos!

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