Mimi Pond's OVER EASY is in!

Rock 'n' roll, drugs, and Californ-eye-ay in the ‘70s! That’s right, Mimi Pond’s excellent debut graphic novel OVER EASY has made it to our office. To be clear, this is just an unbound copy, but boy does it look spiffy! Look at that beautiful wash!

I had the pleasure of working on this book, and let me tell ya, Mimi is one funny lady. In this fictionalized coming-of-age memoir, Mimi brings us the story of Margaret, an art student who is denied financial aid from school, and ends up working at the nearby Imperial Café.

With her cast of sarcastic oddball co-workers, Mimi pokes fun at the hippie culture of 1970s California, and she is spot on.

If you're unfamiliar with Mimi’s work, I urge you to check out her blog, where she regularly posts new work. And, in case you haven’t already done so, check out the superb documentary Beauty Is Embarrassing , you can spot Mimi working on actual pages from Over Easy! Expect this little gem in stores mid-April and be sure to stay tuned for our announcement of Mimi’s upcoming book tour!

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