Art Spiegelman's Co-Mix opens at The Jewish Museum tomorow!

Hello, New York and those looking for an excuse to visit!

In this last year, Art Spiegelman- Pulitzer Prize-winning legendary cartoonist, in case you're unfamiliar- has had retrospective shows all over Europe and North America, and in September, the beautiful, career-spanning book Co-Mix was released. Now Co-Mix, the exhibition, has come to The Jewish Museum, and it opens tomorrow, November 8th!

Here's some of the wonders you can expect to see, from this great recent New York Times piece on Art Spiegelman: "There is an extensive selection, some of it R-rated, from Mr. Spiegelman’s period of drawing Mad-magazine inspired underground comics [...], along with some gag cartoons he did for Playboy, [...] his time at Raw, [...] his illustrations for “The Wild Party,” Joseph Moncure March’s narrative poem from 1928; the covers he drew for The New Yorker starting in 1992 (the Hasidic man kissing a black woman is here, for example, along with the one showing reporters interviewing Bill Clinton’s crotch); and later work, some of it politically motivated, like “In the Shadow of No Towers,” a series of angry broadsides he drew criticizing the Bush administration after Sept. 11." All of this and lots more including- yes, people- the original manuscript for Maus.

It's incredibly difficult to do Spiegelman justice. His work changed the reputation of comics forever, and he has influenced virtually every modern-day cartoonist. But I think J. Hoberman's essay in Co-Mix is a good one, and you can preview it here on Boing Boing before buying your very own copy of the book at the museum's gift shop. Who can resist any museum's gift shop?

The Jewish Museum is at 1109 5th Avenue (at 92nd Street). Co-Mix runs until March 23, 2014. Learn more about the exhibition on The Jewish Museum's website.

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